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What's that in the shop window?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Those filthy bastards.

    Their name is Oakley. They sell sunglasses.

    So what do they have on display in the window?
    A range of new sunglasses? No
    $50'000 worth of motorcycle? Yes

    Has it ever been ridden? No. I asked, I couldn't help myself.

    Those bastards, those filthy bastards...

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  2. I hope they choke on it!

    Still, I'd swap it for an RSV4 in a heartbeat.
  3. if you buy a pair of glasses does the bike come with them ?
  4. whats the connection between the two? Who do they sponsor?
  5. I'm not sure there IS a connection. I think it's just a bauble to bring in the customers....some "bauble".
  6. Very low standards I see?? ;)
  7. So was troy bayliss apparently, makes a bit more sense given the bike
  8. But is it a real bike, or a window-dressing special like the fake V8s and F1 cars you see round shopping centres?
  9. I can't speak for that one but I've heard that an 848 was ridden very recently from the shop to the Oakley store at Chadstone, VIC.
  10. G'day everyone,....

    Swap it and see if they notice!

    Dr Who?
  11. It looked real enough, seemed to have a real engine from what i could see. It's on george st near wynyard if you want to check next time your in sydney.
  12. according to market research, ducati is one of the coolest brands out there. oakley was around 28th coolest. guess they're trying to claw their way up a little...

    sadly, it's already worked on me, lol. 2/3 of my sunglasses are oakleys, in fact i've currently got a pair of racing jackets in my riding kit. they came with transition lenses, which are handy when it suddenly gets bright/dark. and, um, ventilation holes so they don't, um, fog up :roll:
  13. I'm not questioning you, or it, mate, it's just that lots of that sort of advertising is done with very good replicas; it would be a huge insurance risk alone to have something as valuable as a BIG diamond ring sitting just behind glass......
  14. Just like those blokes shops that used to have a ducati on the roof until the financial crisis hit now its an aprillia....... there is one at eastland. Always covered in dust.

    Surely they have mockup bikes for that stuff like they do for racecars etc...
  15. Take a bit more effort to sneak out the door with it in your pocket though!
  16. I own a pair of ducati oakleys.


    Best sunnies I've ever bought.
  17. Noticed it too when walking up to meet the gf after work. Had to do a double take, was wondering wtf a bike was doing in there...

    It was in there, behind just the glass, no security screen, at night too.

    An open invitation if ever there was one.
  18. its made out of cardboard :D