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Whats that bike, you know... the silver one?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Goose, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Im trying to figure out what the silver bike on the left hand side of the picture in the snow is. The picture im talking about is one of the ones that change whenever you load a page, its in the top right hand corner.

    I reckon it looks like a TLS, but ive got TLS on the brain at the moment. Can someone give me a hint, cause it looks horn!

    Edit: or is it a VTR?

  2. It's a road/trail thingy, something like a BMW Funduro or something
  3. Really? I was going mainly from the shape of the front fairing. Thats wierd, usually i dont like the look of those
  4. It's an Aprilia Pegasso, previously owned by Glitch1 - who is also the person standing on the left.
    That's my (also previously owned) blue VFR on the right in the pic :)
  5. Thanks Mouth. I reckon i couldve guessed at that for years and not got it
  6. Do I get any points for being close???
  7. You did well :)
  8. Whoohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!