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Whats that? A virus on your iPhone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Be careful kiddies, theres a little bit of a nasty about for your iPhone.

    Only gaolbroken phones are vulnerable, however. You've gone and gaolbroken yours, haven't you Vic? Even still, I'd be keeping my ears to the wall for any new flavors of this for a few months. That is, I would be if I owned an iPhone. Which I don't. :p
  2. The exploit relies on the laziness of jailbreakers in not changing the root passwords on their phones and most jailbreakers installing the ssh daemon.
    Without that ssh server running, this exploit isn't possible, so in summary, non jailbreakers cant be infected and those who have jailbroken their iPhones need do nothing more than change their root password.
  3. Nope mine is not jail broken.
  4. Mine is, thanks for the tip sir Joel.
  5. Actually I don't think I ever installed the SSH thing. Would I have had to do that on purpose? :p
  6. Probably happened automatically as part of the jailbreak process, any apps you use that allow you to copy files on or off your phone would rely on it.
    Should be fairly straight forward to check. Isn't there an app store equivalent?
  7. Turns out I don't think I had SSH installed, but it's a very common Cydia download. I went through and changed my root passwords anyway, because hey, root!
  8. It hasn't been installed by default since the 1.x jailbreaks AFAIK. Pretty much because of this reason....
    Cydia tells you when you install it that you should change the root password straight away.. people just don't read.