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Whats quicker? really? (un biased)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guest, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Gixxer 1000

  2. R1

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  3. zx10r

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  1. Which one of these little hotties is the quickest?

    HP/Torque/top speed etc etc
  2. Good luck getting an unbiased opinion :p

    Im unsure, i havent read the latest shootouts on the litres... Think last time i did it might of been the gixxer but its never by enough to stand out i dont reckon. Even tiny tiny changes it conditions would see more difference for mine...

    But id take those Marchensi's on the R1SP any day over a couple of HP... Damn theyre sexy =P~
  3. I'm with mik.
    Best you enquire the respective sites and check them out for yourself.
    In all reality they are much of a muchness.
    some have a slightly higher top end some have better midrange others have a better torque curve but lower top end.
    Most of all it depnds on the rider and how good they can accelerate.
    On a racetrack like in the superbikes the gixxer has been a proven racer.
    what does that mean in the real world?
    nothing much.
  4. I would agree with smee, it doesnt matter both on either the road or track (assuming your not a pro rider). I think it comes does to personal preference.
  5. besides, you've got buckley's and none of using any more than about 40% of their potential on the road, even at illegal speeds......

    still, bench racing is always fun..
  6. Ummm i'd be backing the 2006 ZX10R this year for outright speed. Gotta what for the proper test but apparently (from the couple of reviews i have read) it has a MANIC top end. So much so that they reckon a ER-5 would beat it to 40-60km/h because it's bottom end is VERY docile.

    However, from the quoted figures it is pumping out a WHOPPING ~175KW :shock: and this is in comparison to the 2006 CBR1000RR's ~130KW.

    Talk about power wars!!
  7. What an absolute load of crap! 175kW = 234hp! :LOL:

    Which is quicker? Who really gives a flying fu#k?! Buy the one that has the best colours!

    Perhaps the question you need to be asking is what sort of bike would you be quicker on?
  8. I read in a mag they were claiming 180hp. I haven't seen official conformation of it. I'd believe it though. I haven't got a calculator on me but I'm guessing that's a lot less than 175kw. :wink:
  9. I dunno but that's what AMCN has listed for it in their first write-up on it (and it was NOT corrected in the following issue). They claim 177KW and 115Nm which is straight out of the article (i have it in front of me)
  10. The will have meant 175 hp/ps. It'll be a typo. :wink:
  11. Where's the option for the mighty CT110?
  12. Amcn never quote KW they quote PS which is as close to horsepower as possible.
    It would have to be a typo.
  13. where's the option for the one with the best rider?

    straight line? they'll all loft the front wheel in the first half dozen gears, so they can't use all the power they've got until you get past 200.

    Is this for you as a rider? I think you need to rethink your life expectency.

    You should all know by now that power figures mean little when it comes to being the quickest, particularly around a curved track. If you are talking about drag racing, you need a bike with more torque and an extended swingarm (or bars)
  14. suzuki GSXR 1000 K6 *coughs* :grin:
  15. which one do you look best on though?. thats all that matters
  16. he would look good on a suzuki GSXR 1000 k6 *cough* :grin:
  17. doesnt matter which one is faster but the kwaka will be around a lot longer than a spewsuki :LOL:
  18. the zx10Rs have a claimed 184HP