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What's Peter Stevens' reputation like now?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Minority153, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. It's been a while since anyone mentioned anything about peter stevens' reputation on netrider.

    So I was wondering, because at the ringwood store they seem friendly... But is that bad rep about bad service still true?

    I wanna buy a bike there, but getting a warranty with a good service department is important too.

  2. Ringwood is pretty good and far better than the one in town. They did a big warranty job for me with no dramas. Will probably buy my next bike there.
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  3. Remember you don't have to have your bike serviced or warranty work done at the place of purchase. Anyone can service the bike and any manufacturers authorised workshop can do warranty work.
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  4. What about BMW,s ? Don't they have an electronic system to track faults and service intervals?
  5. After getting pissed off enough from a dick head sales man at PS melbourne i walked out. Went to PS ringwood and got great service.
    Also got a few good deals on gear at ringwood.

    So no issue with PS ringwood at all. City on the other hand... sales people are so far up em self its not funny.
  6. They have not been BMW service mechanics or the correct systems.
    BMW ringwood and Southbank have the diagnostic machines etc from bmw and their head mechanics had to get proper certification from BMW. I'm sure anyone can service a BMW but I wouldn't trust them with the electronic side.
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  7. Sothe verdict is peter stevens ringwood = good, and Peter stevens city = bad.
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  8. Not as simple as that. Just because someone didn't like a particular sales guy doesn't mean the technicians are duff. I've had reasonable service from the KTM guys at the city workshop lately, That said, neither are dirt cheap.
  9. Hi I've recently purchased a bike and gear from ringwood and have nothing but positive things to say. The whole experience was always professional. The service team did a good job on the 1K and 6k services.
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  10. It's arguably easier to get a bad salesman than a bad mechanic, since retail can just about be anyone willing to accept a low enough wage, while a mechanic is expected to have years of learning under his belt, and will have had to be a good enough employee to keep a job for a few years straight.

    There's more factors involved and reality is hard to pin down on paper, but the point remains that workshop and sales floor are staffed by quite different pools of people.
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  11. I've bought 2 bikes off PS Geelong over the last few years and found them cool to deal with and pretty down to earth and not trying to milk every last $ out of you. That being said I was buying a brand new bike off them through finance so they were doing OK out of me already. Haven't had my bikes serviced there though so can't comment on that side of things
  12. City can be OK. Seems to be more variable though. I bought my last bike there (3 and a bit years ago now) and had a good salesman. I've had good and bad experiences with the service guys.
  13. Just make sure you get the stock pipe etc with it - they sold us a GSXR1000 before the laws got stricter here with a Yoshi pipe and no stock pipe - now it's really hard to get a stock pipe and was really hard to get a RWC when we were considering selling it a while back. I bought my gear at Ringwood recently though and they gave me a decent deal. You have to bargain basically though and good idea to hint towards them checking with the manager what they can do as they were trying to say they couldn't discount the TT Bullit because it was limited edition until the manager got involved

  14. As a Harley rider I wouldn't use the Ringwood service centre again because you don't get the personal interface withe mechanic as you do with an independent. I had my bike RWC there after buying it at the Adelaide dealer to change over rego, and they did not pick up a lot of faults that should have been identified. The faults were identified, explained and rectified by an independent.
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  15. What is a stock pipe? Sorry for the noob question.
  16. Oem muffler
  17. I have had no issues with the spares desk and shop staff, always happy to help.
    I didn't have a good experience with their service dept. or repairers.
    They damaged items and then denied that they could possibly done it, 'they repair HD's and their owners are much more fastidious than me'.

    It just depends on the day and what they are doing for you.
    I do think that they have improved a bit since moving to the new shop.
  18. The standard, orgininal muffler that comes with the bike, as opposed to an aftermarket one.
  19. Buying gear from them (PS City) was a pleasant experience for me , and the sales lady was quite happy to walk around with me whilst i tried on various jackets / boots / gloves etc.. I think she spent about 45 mins to an hour with me and i ended up purchasing boots, jacket, gloves, and a tinted visor from them.
  20. Really glad to hear that they'll be patient with me while I'm trying on all the gear. :)
    Should I go do all the fitting before buying the bike, if I get it from them?