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What's Outside Your Window?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Whats outside your office/work window?

    Here's one of my views :)


  2. Do old pictures count, I can't be bothered taking another one

    I wish it looked like that today, no air/con and big North facing windows makes my office feel like an oven in summer.
  3. Is that in Ballarat!?
  4. Yep.
  5. Dayum!

    When was that?
  6. July 17 last year (I remember 'cause it was my Birthday).
    Usually get snow at least once a year, though it doesn't always settle like that. Frost, hail and sleet are a lot more common, even during summer.

    Only a few weeks ago it got as low as 5 degrees during the night, and it's been below zero in February in the past. Get a few hot days too though (like today).
  7. I remember that shot jd and I was mightily impressed. :)
    I might look at it a couple of times today as it warms up. :mad:

    Anyone else have an interesting view out their window? :cool:
  8. This and more is what I see from my office window every morning....not a bad view I may add, better than buildings and cagers :grin: I usually have lorikeets sitting on the railing also but this morning they decided to sit on the fence out of view.

  9. No pictures but the beach is 100 metres from my window.
  10. So life's a beach, then, smee???
  11. Yep.
    It's over 30 degrees here already and rising.
    I'm wondering if I can ditch the classes and just head down there

  12. Indeed; issue them all with a Busy Book and nick off!!

    All but three of our little charges are off on a whitewater rafting junket, so things are a bit slow at Highlands School :LOL:.

    {But any view out any window in Mittagong is pretty nice.....}
  13. I would have expected a photo from you paul :)

    Nice QNBEE
  14. Freedom!!!!

  15. I reckon being able to see your bike outside your office is cool, that's what I'd like.
  16. aV6hl99.

    This is my view, well it was before ta 4x4 had fightin words with my bike...
  17. That must take the prize for best product placement! :LOL:

    Keep them coming peeps..............