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what's on your desk ..... RIGHT NOW

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kursed, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. For some reason I found a topic on another forum that was perversely interesting, it was a list of whats in sight at your pc you post from. so here is the netrider version! what's on your desk?

    I have
    rego papers for the zeal
    coke can transforming robot (collectors of coke memorabilia love this guy)
    web design books
    burnt lump of a doro phone that got the love touch from a light bulb for too long and melted. surprisingly comfortable now with the curvy shape and it still works perfect!
    creative zen 60gb player thats on charge.
    invicta skull watch that i got from my girl when she was in vegas last week. can't get these in aus as far as I know so I doubt many peeps will know of the marque...
    glass of chimay grand reserve, especially reserved for fri arvo at home
    sunnies, another creative player (small one for gym) and other boring shit.

    So whats on your desk?

  2. PERVERT :LOL: :p

    i have:

    1/4 bottle of coke
    mobile phone
    keys to work
    RFID letter-in tag for our office
    bike keys
    garage door opener
    model of a mini and a teenage mutant ninja turtle
    mini soccer ball to throw around the office
    a stupid cube
    a stack of hard drive platters
    4 monitors (3 actually attached)
    a phone and headset
    electric screwdriver
    helmet and gloves
    spare battery
    garlic & chilli grinder
    tape dispenser
    ANOTHER mini soccer ball
    2 keyboards
    2 mice
    lots of paper
    a few Microsoft CDs
    Dirty coffee cup
    post it notes
    a bunch of cables
    laptop power bricks
    2 way radio
    pentium 2 processor


    empty bottle of coke...
  3. A 10 unit development witha fcuked roof... I am going to raper someone on monday over...

    A house extension where the guy is an elcheapo sonovaunamedwhore and wont pay for a decent design because he "believes" that he is right... screw it the client is always wrong....

    headphones phone with pron... mountain bike helmet stack of buissness cards a 30m tape for checking and fixing fcukups... my computer... big red marker for highliting errors by contractors... and a stuffed barrumundi...

    oooh and some paper clips in a suggestive pose... :wink:
  4. Still at work... i have:

    PC + Monitor + kb +mouse + speakers
    USB warming mittens :)
    iRiver H120
    Windows server 2003 pocket consultant

    Hand balm
    Tiger Balm

    In and out tray with heaps in them.
    Courier papers

    Various cables and tools.

    Thats about it.
  5. puter, monitor keyboard mouse and speakers (obviously)

    liqurice rolly papers
    old holbourne tobacco
    ventti filters (yellow medium)
    3 dvd boxed sets
    cast resin statue of Cthulhu
    bout 400 blank dvd's
    4 x 1 terrabite maxtor external harddrives (soon to be internal)
    empty plate
    optus cable bill
    mobile phone
    cordless house phone
    can of mortein
    old coffee mug filled with pens and pencils
    empty coffee cup (gotta do something about that)
  6. monitor
    pc case
    incess smelly thingy
    stay up right papers
    remote control
    2 power boards

    other than that.. nuttn much else lol
  7. heh eh
    Blunt ;)
    pino clean
    2 birds
    a useless nail cut kit- i use the pocket knife its better
  8. - computer etc.
    - 6 stubby holders.
    - a TV.
    - pens.
    - a bottle opener.
    - a hip-flask.
    - a phone bill.
    - group certificates and tax stuff to do.. ummm... layer.
    - blank DVD's.
    - a shot-glass.
    - a tape measure.
    - Scrubs: Season 5.
    - movie DVD: Team America
  9. puter
    2 phone handsets and mobile
    bike reg
    daily inspirational readings books
    deepak chopra dvd set - 'life after death'
    brian eno's oblique strategies
    a mess of papers
    tv remote
  10. Couple of CDs
    Water bottle to spray the cat
    Coffee cup
    USB warming mittens ;)
    Cat registration notice
    Letters from my doc
    Couple of pens
    My pill......

    Yeah, i'm at home and my coffee table is my desk :p
  11. I wouldnt mind a hot russian secretary or somthin on it
  12. Beer, mobile phone, an empty chip packet and Led Zep III
  13. Mobile phone (on charge, as always, stupid X70 & its piss poor battery life)
    rubics cube, completed.
    can of OP Bundy in my fav stubby holder and 3 empties on the overhead shelf.
    2 dog gooming brushes a slicker brush and a dog comb and dog nail clippers,
    MP3 player (waiting to get uploaded with new songs I downloaded today)
    Mick Doohan honda repsol scale replica, pewter bike model with a clock in the wheel.
    a candle ( burning)
    Bottle of scented oil to add to pool of melted candle wax, for ambience :wink:
    emery board(nail file) nail polish and hand creme,
    current edition of "two wheels"
    half eaten packet of chilli and lime cashews,
    web cam, phone usb connection, plastic pen/pencil holder in the form of a old phone box.
    land line handset
    scanner, printer and desk lamp.
    bottle of peppermint humbugs,
    dictionary and melway.
    2 stacks of cd's. used & unused
    to do list/ note pad.
    battery charger and spare AA /AAA batteries
    shoebox of assorted glass/ ceramic paint.
    large bright red 60's era carnival glass vase filled with an assortment of multi coloured ostrich feathers.
    and a few crumbs , make that alot of crumbs I just shook out of my keyboard
  14. monitor
    mouse pad
    web cam
    2 sets of speakers, 1 sub woover
    small lamp
    bank statements
    paid mobile bills
    bendigo wooollen mill order forms
    colour charts
    stack of dvds, cd's etc
    pile of books, ranging from Harry Potter, Digital Editing, Digital Photography etc
    the odd magazine or two, couple of aust gran prix, bike mags, & mags with published shots taken by friend
    box & all the crap that came with nokia 6110 Nav
    pencil sharpener
    lose change
    couple of stuffed toys
    empty coffee cup - but not for long
    stubby holder

    Think thats it,
    shit no wonder cant find stuff .... time for a clean
  15. Screen
    Document Holder
    Speaker (other one/subbie on a shelf)
    Clock Radio (genuine '80s high technology)
    Stubby holder X2
    Document holder (again)
    Defunct Laptop HDD
    Part time shark/part time stapler
    Industrial Dermatitis Cream
    Natural Born Killers
    Bourne movies (X2)
    Spiral Bound Books
    Twowheels X3
    Max Payne 2
    BF 1942
    Pewter Letter opener
    Pink Hairspray (don't ask)
    DVD/CD spindles
    Payslips (X about 10)
    Dick Smith 04/05 Catalogue
    TV Card Remote (Never been used)
    Stereo Remote (Overused)
    Stationary Stationary.
    Broken Screwdriver
    Fuel Injector/Carby Cleaner
    Mr Sheen
    Brake Cleaner
    Beercan (Boags Classic 500ml, better then VB/XxXx, 1990s prices)
    Some Cool Looking Crystal Thing
    Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun Paperweight
    Carlton Draught Football/Stubbyholder
    Officeworks $21 special 1gb memorystick
    2000-2002 KIA Rio Service Book
    Principles of Physics, A Calculus based text (Serway/Jewett)
    Graphics Calculator
    Sunglasses (Scratched) X 3
    Wheel-style clock (Flat battery)
    Various Pen Holders, with various histories
    Indonesian Blow Dart Gun (hanging)
    Various artworks from the girlfriend (hanging)
    Papers (Blood donation slip, bank statements, centrelink statements (lowly uni student), yadda)

    And so ends "the most useless post, ever" (It's a big Ikea modular office desk)

    +1 postcount!!!!
  16. my feet :grin:
  17. - One LCD monitor
    - Two speakers
    - One wireless keyboard
    - One wireless keyboard receiver

    And that is really it! I cleared the desk off because I had a new one delivered on Friday. I was going to assemble it yesterday, and got as far as clearing most of the desk (ready to move it), and emptying the contents of the boxes, but then I got busy with other things. Oh, and the PC is under the desk.

    Yesterday morning though, I think I had the following as well:

    - Nostromo N52 gamepad
    - Two wireless mice (one for PC, one for laptop)
    - Mouse pad
    - Wireless mouse receiver (for laptop)
    - Laptop
    - Webcam
    - Two CDs of some Dutch guy
    - Richmond Tigers mug
    - Pile of CDs (computer, music, etc) and covers, waiting to be sorted
    - Plektrum
    - Ratty set of old Philips headphones
    - Sparkling apple juice bottle
    - Group certificates (for tax return)
    - VicRoads motorbike rego renewal


    And a winning scratchie (two dollars) =D
  18. Funny that you should ask. I have:

    PC (natch)
    Mobile phone
    Palm Zire PDA
    Thing that holds pens and stuff
    Leads to charge phone and other connections


    About an hour ago it had

    All of the above plus

    Paper plate with crumbs
    papers such as:
    - gas bill
    - power bill (2 off)
    - house legals (title, etc.)

    Manuals for:
    - mitre saw
    - Logitech Harmony remote
    - reciprocating saw
    - blood glucose monitor
    - Nokia
    - Yamaha S03 keyboard
    - Sigma Sport cycle computer

    Takeaway lists:
    - Indian
    - Noodle Bar
    - Choinese
    - Mexican
    - Pizza

    You see, we've bought an older house. We're in the middle of rennos and one room has just been finished on Friday. Lot of the crap destined for that room was in the study. So, the joint looks like the Somme, circa 1916...

    But we're getting there.
  19. Printer
    19" Widscreen LCD
    Monitor cleaning cloth
    2 shitty speakers
    Sony MDR-CD280 headphones
    Prada glasses. That's right, I have Prada glasses
    Manual for a Pentax K10D
    CD for Pentax software for Pentax K10D
    Manual for Pentax software for Pentax K10D
    Pentax K10D
    USB Card reader
    Sandisk Extreme III SD 2gb
    Camera lens and body caps
    Big stack of FasterLouder.com.au "You've Been Snapped" cards
    CDs and DVDs
    CD wallet full of DVDs full of photos
    Energizer Lithium AAs
    Bits of paper
    Work roster
    USB cable
  20. The closest thing is a glass of red...
    *Mobile phone
    *Scattering of various paperwork
    *Cordless phone
    *Potato chips
    *2000 pens
    *Lots of photos