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Whats next? Tiger vs CB vs Bandit

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stormtrooper, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone would like to weigh in on my next purchase.

    Looking at a bike that will get me around town (any bike will do that), allow me to have fun heading out with other riders, allow me to take the wife out on the back in comfort and allow me to do some longer riding (most likely with wife in tow).

    I've found the SV a bit cramped for me, so looking at the bigger bikes.

    List consists (so far) of the Tiger, the CB1000f and the Bandit 1250s. I've ridden the Tiger and the Bandit, but not the CB. Loved the Tiger, didn't mind the Bandit. Thought the Bandit was a bit bland though. Tiger has a lot of character.

    Gotta admit the main reason I'm considering the Honda is reliability, and they make a good product.

    Can anyone talk to me about Triumph reliability? I'm thinking the Suzi would have similar reliability to the Honda.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. CBF1000's have $2000 off at the moment - making them $12990 +ORC.. so in Vic, around $13800 ride away.. an absolute bargain for a bike with abs as standard and a 'Blade derived bottom end..

    The Tiger is more offroad worthy and by offroad I mean dirtroad.. but the CBF would be my choice for a commuter/tourer ...
  3. Spots is definitely the person to talk to about the Tiger. Reliability wise, I can't really comment, I've done a few rides with him and nothing ever fell off if that's what you mean :LOL:.
  4. bandit bland? must be the new 1250 engine

    plus hondas smell :p
  5. JP is right - after 20,000km my Tiger has neither exploded nor performed weight-reduction upon itself. :LOL:
  6. This is very good to hear - I was more just curious as I'm not sure how the current Triumphs go in the long run. I've never really looked outside the japanese bikes :grin:

    The VFR looks like a very nice bike. Just not sure I want to wait around for them to release it :p
  7. I like the new Bandit 1250 and by all logical parameters it's a much improved bike compared to the earlier 1200 Bandit, but... ride them back to back and the new one feels bland. A lot of the hooligan has been engineered out of the new one.

    Don't expect the new CB1000F to be anything but bland either, although the finish of the bike is a bit better than the Bandit (doesn't mean it'll last longer but it will look nicer longer) and the optional panniers are handy for touring.

    But if the Tiger is in your price range then it's a no brainer, easily the most fun feeling of the 3 bikes and that 3 cylinder exhaust note is simply magic.
  8. Mm, I wonder what the exhaust note of the VFiveR1000 is like. :)

    Putting away the "Tyger, tyger, burning bright" jokes for a bit, I think the modern Triumph 955i and 1050 engines have developed a good reputation for reliability, as good as any other engine. The 1050cc triple has been around since 2005 and hasn't had any long-term reliability issues that I know of.

    The Sprint ST and Speed Triple of a few years ago used to develop 'mushiness' in the brake lever over time, but that was fixed (innnn 2006 I think?).

    Similarly the old 1050 ECU was a bit grumpy on the 2005/2006 Street Triple 1050. That too has been fixed.

    But all that's before the Tiger 1050's time anyway. :)

    The most common complaint I've seen with the Tiger is that the rear shock's damping rate is a little on the soft side - Most of the time it's well controlled, but if you're riding really fast with a pillion on a bumpy backroad, the rear damper is a bit soft on the bigger bumps.

    I've noticed it a few times myself, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. Maybe I'll upgrade the rear shock some day. ;)
  9. Bandit a bit bland?

    Only one option then...GSX1400!! I'm not biased at all either.

    a can't compare to the other as i haven't really touched them...other than to sit on a tiger and wonder where they kept the step ladder!
  10. DL650. Fantastic around town, not EVERY bike will do that. All day tourer with or without pillion. Allows you to turn down that dirt road instead of riding past it. Great ergos. Slightly retuned Vtwin for more torque at low revs (compared to the SV)
  11. I'm betting it'll be around $25K. Hardly an option against these 3.
  12. Ride the bike that turns you on. They're all reliable these days. Backup support is very good for the three you are think of.

    The Bandit is better value but what price do you put on the little things that makes up your list? Pillions wont complain about the bikes either.

    The Tiger will need to be Blue or Black. The Honda will need to be red or black and the Bandit should only be had in black. All should be considered with ABS.

    Not sure about the others but you will easily get 300km to a tank on the Bandit at legal speeds.
  13. For the giant mechanical cat,
    About 390km to empty on freeway-only riding (~5.1L/100km from Sydney to Brisbane via Pacific Highway)

    About 330km to empty for interstate backroad blasting (~6.0L/100km from Brisbane to Wollongong via every twisty road I could find; 4 Musketeers returned the same fuel consumption too)

    Urban riding is not so pretty; I've gotten the 20L tank down into the 3.5L 'reserve' in as little as 250km... 7-8L/100km if all you're doing is boring 60km stop/start trafficlight stuff.

    1 litre engine with huge angry camshafts, doing a task that could be accomplished by an engine 1/4 the size = not very efficient in stop/start traffic. :cry:
  14. I have so far put 3000 klms on my Honda CBF1000, taking pillions is fine, they have all found it comfortable on the back. The engine is very willing, with loads of torque from 2000 rpm upwards, is a bit vibey at about 5000rpm, but not bothersome. The detuned blade engine is great, easy to ride, but fast when you want it to be. The bike feels light and responsive. The brakes do an excellent job of pulling up the machine, I have only tested the abs once, but it is very subtle. I have also ridden a xjr 1300, & Bandit, but I like the the CBF best, I found it slightly smailler than the Bandit, which makes it easier for me to manage
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    And thanks Spots - that was exactly the sort of info about the Triumph I'm after. Thats impressive fuel economy on the open road. I can fully understand around town though.

    A friend threw the inevitable spanner in the works and suggested (well, was rather emphatic) that I check out a VFR. He had one, gave a rave review on it, but left me wondering why he's now getting around on a blackbird....

    How would people suggest it stacks up against the others?
  16. More power, I suspect.

    I love my VFR.
  17. The UK magazine "Bike" - which is available at some Newsagents - the January issue has a in-depth comparison test between these three bikes.

    Surprisingly the Honda beat the Tiger (in a UK magazine!!). Here is a quote:

    "But if you want the best motorcycle, buy the Honda. Although it won't excite on a test ride like the Triumph and doesn't have the Suzuki's value for money feel, it's the sort of bike that grows on you with miles. The further you go, the more you ask it to do, the more rewarding and competent he CBF reveals itself to be."

    At the current price of around $13 K (i.e. around the Bandit's price tag) it seems the CBF is the way to go as long as the price stays at this level. If it goes up past 15K again, I would think it depends on your budget (i.e. Suzuki being best value for money).