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Whats next after the 250?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LiLEd, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Honda CBR 600 RR

  2. Honda CBR 1000 RR

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  3. Yamaha R6

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  4. Yamaha R1

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  5. Suzuki GSXR 600

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  6. Suzuki GSXR 750

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  7. Suzuki GSXR 1000

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  1. Just want to know what people like most. I personally want to get a GSXR 750 once i get on my full licence but really cant make up my mind just yet they all look so good. :roll:

  2. :shock:

    ZX7 when i can afford it *Hopefully it'll be a xmas pressie for myself :) *
  3. ZX-6R, ZXR750, ZX7R ZX-10R if you like the plastic fantastics

    Z750/750S, Z1000 if you like the nakeds
  4. the day i got my licence i went out and brought a brand new r6. had it 2years and have never looked back.

    as for the bike, honestly unless you are a pro racer there are no real reckoniseable differences between any of the sports bikes.

    as for the differences between the 600 and the 1000. take off, is pretty even with the 1k just edging out, once you hit about 200 the 1000 will walk the 600. though the 600 is lighter and better in the corners. for the street the 600 tends to be alittle more fun, seeing you use the gears more. as 1st gear in the 1k's will generally do around the 170km/h mark. the 1k is less forgiving if you stuff up on accerlation aswell.

    end of the day mate, whatever bike you like the design of best, get that one.
  5. get a 750 or 1000. low down torque is useful and fun. that's my 2 cents. :)
  6. Depends how sensible you think you are! A new 1000 could end badly if you're the type to get a little too eager with the throttle - but less forgiving than a 600. 750 might be a happy medium, but again, new they've got stonking power-to-weight.

    Pick the one that looks pretty? ;)
  7. Yeah you are right, they all look good

    If that was the only choice you gave me, that's what I'd be doing...

    Seriously though, why not try something like a VFR800??
  8. That's why I got the 675 :grin:
  9. This is very biased poll. Where are the Kwaka's
  10. Same place as the Triumph 600s, cruisers etc :?
  11. verrry narrow list Ed... when you're looking to upgrade, test ride everything coz the bike that you like the best could be a bike that you never considered before or in your poll

    I was never into the naked bikes, but love the look and feel of the Z1000
  12. Sorry Guys

    I did forget the kwakas and i have been told they are a good all round bike. I left a few out but these are the bikes which really catch the eye for me. So to everyone who is a bit disapointed about the poll sorry i didnt think of that till after i posted it. But your feedback is handy. Im only a little guy so i dont even know if i can get my feet on the ground on any of these bikes but i cant wait to get a new one what ever it is.

    :shock: Ed :grin:
  13. Re: Sorry Guys

    You'll be tall enough for an R6... seen some shorties on them :p
  14. Ditto

    :LOL: :cool:
  15. Forgot SV650s as well, though off the CBR 250 maybe your riding style would be better suited to a 4...

    I'd suggest a 600 personally: as has been said above, for anything but top speed a 600 is gonna do you pretty much as well as a 1000, and be a bit more forgiving. It's also cheaper to rego, insure and run...

    Only reason I'd see to go for a bigger one than that is if you weigh a lot...
  16. the next logical step is a brand new 600 or 650 or 675 daytona or tt6...

    after that well I dont think you will be moving for a while to the rocket 3...