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What's my bike worth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by basejumper, May 21, 2016.

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    just wondering what I should ask for my bike
    03 gsxr 1000
    31000 klms
    Custom rear subframe with carbon tail
    Rego until October
    Abm billet top triple tree
    Rizoma bars and brake fluid res
    Near new Diablo rosso corsas
    Braided brake lines
    Lower gearing
    Lor muffler
    Wheelie machine

  2. No more than $20 mate. I will give you $50 cash pick up tonight . But in all seriousness non modded ones are circa. $4-5k. Can try 3.7 and see how you go. Bit harder to sell a modded one unless you can get fairings back on. Good luck.
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    given the lack of fairing and some of the mods I'd be asking if it was in an accident if I was a potential buyer which may drive the price down a bit.

    there's an 03 in NSW on bikesales, 44,000kms, faired, yoshis, 6ths rego - $6.8 - 2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000 for sale

    I reckon you could ask $5500-6000, maybe a bit less

    best of luck with the sale.
  4. The most anyone is willing to pay for it, but if you want to go by the 'books'..

    Glass Guide Home Page

    K2 (November 2001 to May 2003):
    RRP: $18,390
    Below Average $4,300
    Average $5,000
    Above Average $6,900

    K3 (May 2003 to April 2004)
    RRP: $18,690
    Below Average $4,300
    Average $5,000
    Above Average $7,000

    Redbook Car Prices - Car Research - Search Car Prices & Values Online - RedBook.com.au

    Private Prices $6,500 - $7,700
    Trade In Prices $4,600 - $5,400

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  5. I think you'd be extremely lucky to get $5k. $4k more realistic depending on location etc.

    Whether it's true or not a streetfightered sportsbike assumes it's been down the road. Fairings are easily replaceable, but more subtle things like frame damage, bent triple clamps (an aftermarket replacement there strengthens the suspicion) forks or clip-ons etc are less easy to spot. Describing it as a wheelie machine doesn't exactly convey the idea that it hasn't been flogged either.

    Don't get me wrong, I quite like it, and I love the old Gixxers... but that's the reality I'm afraid. Of course you never get the money you spend on mods back at sale time either.
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  6. Sorry mate.
    Not much. (or enough)
  7. I understand these things and feel that $4000 would be fair
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