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What's my bike worth.... thinking of selling, after opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mario Mendoza, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm thinking of selling my current bike an would be really interested to hear what people thoughts were on a fair price for it..

    Its a 2003 R1 with 1,900 klms on the clock. The black and red flames model. It's totally stock with 12 months rego. Rear tyre is about 75%, still quite good.

    It's had it's scheduled services and is in "as new cond".

    Awesome bike, but i'm starting to look for something a little more oriented for touring...

    Would love to hear ur thoughts....

  2. MMMM....I like.
    Can you give it to me for free?
  3. Very low kays for an 03 model. have you had it since new? why dont u like it? unusual to see one totally stock these days.
  4. Re: What's my bike worth.... thinking of selling, after opin

    use it as a guide only to give you a general idea.
    Obviously prices will vary according to what you consider it to be worth etc.
  5. Maybe u wanna swap it for a ZX6R. great bike, perfect for touring, comes with panniers and tankbag.looks great. :---)
  6. Re: What's my bike worth.... thinking of selling, after opin

    how many 'sheduled services' are there in the first 1,900kms ? One would be my guess, at most.
  7. haha, had a feeling I might get a few request like evilooliver's

    Yeah, it's got real low kays, I find that I can only handle relatively short stints in the saddle. Had a bad car accident 2 years ago and my back etc has never been the same... So it's pretty much a weekend warrior bike...

    I left it stock cos I really didn't see the need to mod it at all. Certainly had enuff power for me ;-) Found out I reach the end of my limits in terms of skills way b4 the R1 reaches its limit in regards to performance...
    I didn't see the need to install a slipon etc cos I don't mind that it's pretty quiet below 7000rpm.

    Gees, I'm starting to sound like a bit of an old bugga.....

    Services are scheduled by distance travelled or by time intervals, such as 1 then 6, 12, 18months etc, whichever comes first. So being a coupla years old has had more than just the one by now... Well picked up on tho. ;-)
  8. Re: What's my bike worth.... thinking of selling, after opin

    Dump the oil and filter, kick the tyres and hand them a bill for $300
  9. Yeah sorry - might aswell ask