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whats my bike worth selling for?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HUBBA, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. hi guys possibly selling my bike not 100% yet for an upgrade
    its a cbr600 f4i silver and red, 2002, 15500km, polished wheels, double bubble tint windscreen, custom carbon fibre undertail and fender eliminator with diamond indictors all round, chrome cbr bar ends, not a scratch and in excellent condition , with a micro exhaust and illumi glow gauges. tyres are corsa and have heaps of tread and just been serviced.
    what do you think i should sell for if i do?

  2. I'll give you $50. No wait, $51.
  3. Its worth $8800. with a roadworthy
  4. 52 and I will toss in a case of xxxx
  5. xxxx??? At least offer a real bear... that is an insult.
    $60 and a case of Boags
  6. gee if you said 65 and crownies i would of said sold but too late now
  7. 70 and 2 cartons of crownies
  8. I don't drink xxxx shite I only give it away :LOL:
  9. http://www.ausbikeprices.com/

    Or see this site - the differnce in prices from the redbook site is noticable... So who is right ?

    This seems to align closer to the prices at Bikesales or Bikepoint...
  10. I'm looking for exactly what you're thinking of selling.

    I'd give you 8 for it no worries... if only it was 3 months from now.. :'(
  11. Which state, has it been dropped, has it been serviced?
  12. Id say anything from $7500 to $8200. Only because of the kms (compared to other bikes on the market), but you have some nice mods that should help with keeping towards the $8K mark.
  13. Nah man he said a good beer.

    72 and a case of squire golden ale.