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What's Mount Beauty (NE Vic) like for accomodation/pubs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. What is Mount Beauty like as far as accomodation, pubs, meals, etc. goes?

    Normally the mob that I go away with head up to Bright this time of the year but unfortunately circumstances dictate that this won't be happening this year. So, I am considering MB as an alternative.

  2. I went to a couple of Triumph rallies in Mt Beauty about 5 or so years ago. Stayed at a holiday camp (first one as you come in from Tawonga) in cabins. No complaints, and the owners, at least as they were then, were bike friendly. Hospitality was laid on, so I didn't get to any pubs, though.
  3. Mt Beauty's a lovely place to stay.

    We stayed at this gorgeous place, huge 4 bedroom house on acres of land, comfy bed, cosy doona, open fire, chooks a'roaming, beer a'flowin, a hot cooked breakfast in the morning ...and it all cost nothing

    Ahh, to know people who live in Mt Beauty :wink:

    sorry to be NO help whatsoever
  4. yeah if you stay in the holiday park (highly recommend this place very bike friendly and one year didn't book rolled up at 9.00pm at night easter weekend, everywhere else had turned us away, they managed to fit us in, was in between the volley ball courts and the driveway) cabins are nice but simple, there are also really nice camp grounds (if thats your thing) down by the river. Never been to the pub for a meal but shop staff are nice and friendly (bottleshop closes at 11 i think?) shoud try one of these days, but the fish & chip/pizza/mini cafe style place across the road next to the caltex does really good fish and chips....

    Hope that helps

    Oh yeah half way up, there is a hole in the fence which cuts straight through to the pub aswell, saves a huge walk up and around :wink:

    (and no i didn't put it there)
  5. Do you know the name of the joint? There appears to be a few such places according to the local tourism website.
  6. Mount Beauty Holiday Centre & Caravan Park
    Kiewa Valley Hwy Tawonga South VIC 3698 - map
    ph: (03) 5754 4396

    After doing Tawonga Gap and head into town, it's on the left, easy to spot.

    Cheers stewy
  7. +1 for the place STewy said. Was pretty good. Clean toilets/showers too. I want to go back and have a big campfire (last time the neighbors let us sit by theirs!) and have a few drinks and laughs and stuff. So are the folk you normally go with, unable to go marty? And why can't you go to Bright?
  8. Hi Rosie. Some are going, others not. Usual thing from year to year. As for Bright, I had a whinge in the "Service and Business Providers" section today. When I rang this morning to book, the Alpine was all sold out. I rang the Star. It had rooms available but were only accepting min. of two night bookings.

    I rang back the Alpine and enquired about the previous weekend, Anzac Day weekend. Plenty of rooms but again, accepting only min. of two night bookings.

    It appears to be a new policy that the owner of the two pubs has implemented. Only take two nights on what the women who I spoke to described as "peak" or "holiday" periods.

    So, unless we change our annual jaunt to some time mid-April or later on in mid-May then we'll no longer be able to rock up to Bright on the tradintional last weekend in April each year. We usually choose this weekend because it's the latest before the weather starts to turn nasty full on for the next few months (and stops bikes crossing Hotham). And it usually works in with work requirements, given that most of us work in the same industry and we tend to plan our rides around work committments.

    Anyway, Mount Beauty is a nice change. I hear that it's pretty nice to visit, so I'm taking the opportunity to head up there.

    Looks like we're staying in one of the motels. I've booked rooms and waiting on final numbers to confirm. Hopefully the guy won't ask for a deposit because that means getting people to fork over dough (I won't cover it) and that's a hassle I can do without at the moment.
  9. If you or any others are interested I would imagine that the motel and other places have vacancies. Not sure what sort of festivities are happenin' on the Mount as I've never been there, but certainly this fellow had plenty of rooms for us.

    My only concern is if the weather turns foul and stops us getting over Hotham or if it's bad enough to make guys woose out then I'll have to ensure that I cancel early enough. The guy wanted a credit card number as a security in case we failed to turn up. He has a 3 day cancellation policy where no charges are incurred, but if closer (say, on the Friday) then full costs will be billed to the card.

    Needless to day I'll be watching Elders Weather like a hawk.