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What's more frustrating than a great road with a too-low speed limit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. A great road with a too-low speed limit swarming with cyclists who ignore their goddamned bike lane. ](*,)](*,)

    Seriously, what is wrong with these twatwaffles so that their endless whinging gets them lanes of their very own, and they don't even use them?
  2. Which road is this?
  3. Yarra Boulevard :/
  4. Hmm, never been there.

    FWIW, I ride a bicycle and I have never whinged for a dedicated lane nor would I use one if it was provided - if they aren't situated plumb in the door zone of parked cars, then they are invariably littered with tyre puncturing crap.

    In my ideal world, the left hand lane would be wide enough to accommodate cyclists and still allow room for other vehicles to pass safely within the lane. Dedicated bike lanes are a load of rubbish as far as I'm concerned - too many lines on the road already for my liking.
  5. Are you sure your not refuring to the Old Pacific Hwy.just North of Sydney,
    sounds just like it to me
  6. I agree. If the bike lanes are there they should use them. If no bike lane, then regular road rules should apply, otherwise just remove the bike lanes altogether.
  7. Any good riding road that you want to name these days will be cursed with a too-low speed limit and a too-high police presence.

    Sad, but we have substantially brought the situation upon ourselves by carelessly throwing ourselves at the scenery and other vehicles for a long time and the legislators have finally decided that we need to be protected from ourselves.
  8. Just a thought... if the speed limit of a road is 40km and a cyclist goes 60km, will they be issued with a fine? After all they are classed as a vehicle.
  9. Not sure a bicycle has enough reflective area to be pinged by a radar, maybe with an amphometer but even then, they probably wouldn't be heavy enough to trigger the tapes?
  10. Years ago a mate of mine on his bicycle was chased by the fuzz going down a huge hill outside Cessnock. The cops pulled up beside him and wound down the window and asked, "Do you know that you're doing sixty (miles an hour)?" Nicko replied that he didn't and the cop told him to stop at the bottom of the hill (I guess he thought he wouldn't be able to from that speed while heading down hill) and he got booked, so, in NSW, at least, yes it looks like you can be booked.
  11. Un unridable road with too high a speed limit?

  12. Yarra Blvd is best avoided anyway.

    Between the people on pushies, cars, low speed limits, police presence, Border collies on their walk, bikies trying to be Valentino Rossi and muppets in their rice burners and commodores being fully sik it's just not a fun or safe place to be (usually).

    In terms of cycling along there, the problem is, the previously mentioned fully siks have bit of a tendency to smash bottles rendering the bicycle lanes as good as useless, or, there are cars parked in the bike lane which doesn't leave them a lot of option.

    That said, IME most are pretty good at moving out of the way (if possible) when other vehicles come along. Thankfully the only piece of it I ever ride has a bike path running along it (about a 500m stretch is all I ever really use).
  13. I agree completely on all points. Of course, the wide lanes do exist but that's not to say cars actually utilise the room to actually get around you...

    Major attitude change is needed in the regards to the interaction between users of two wheeled vehicles and four wheeled vehicles.
  14. Radar can pick up a pushy and yes you can be booked. You have to obey the rules of the road no matter what you are on. A guy in QLD got booked for being pissed on his horse on the road. True story
  15. I'd have gone to a lolyer about that… seeing as there's no requirement for a speedometer, it's a bit retarded to expect people to be able to monitor their speed on a pushie.

    THen again, retardation is a requirement to be a politician I guess.
  16. Getting stuck behind a bloody tourist doing 20ks below the limit!!!
  17. Thats the yarra bouli in Kew? The 7 Km long road with the 2Km contrawise bike lane running along one side? The bouli that has national level bike time trials run on it.. that some people train for? The one where going south and using the contrawise bike lane requires hooking right 4 feet past a roundabout across a double white line, jumping a curb and continuing on a 1.5 metre wide lane... full of glass and mud.... giving you the chance to have a head on with muppet cyclists.. cos dodging aint possible.. and most people can average 45 going south (for that bit) and then swerving left across both lanes to get to the bike lane on the left... the one thats only smooth on the white line itself and is stupidly rough otherwise. The one where lovely lines are possible through many corners?

    That bouli? Everyone I know does their best to keep out of the way of other traffic along there. And everyone appreciates the entertainment value of the tool doing 10 kph more than the bicycle at 11000 rpm.
  18. I've used a laser gun to clock someone walking towards me in the Winton Pit Lane once and it worked although the 200km/h + speeds by the cars on the front straight were more impressive.
  19. i used a hot wheels radar gun to workout how fast my r/c car went, and it was spot on

    i tested it driving around a carpark first pointing it out the window of the car to see how it compared to the speedo (which was 100% accurate compared to gps) lol was fun trying to get a reading though with the r/c car as it had to be going directly at the gun, so here you go gf hold the gun and keep legs apart so i could drive through them ( not necessary but funny LOL
  20. I don’t think there is a ‘great’ biking road within 60kms of the city anymore (Sandown park not included).
    Sure Kew boulie has some corners on it & looks alittle bit like the country, but any spirited riding lasts all of 2 secs before ‘something’ needs to be avoided.
    It’s a crap setup for the lycra bastards as well, rough surface & whatever those concrete gutters are inplace to achieve, god only knows.

    Fill the tank & head outa town is the only way to maintain your sanity.