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Whats Life without Adventure

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by WantFreedom, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm Brent from Melbourne

    I never really was into motorbikes never gave it a second thought to I recently traveled overseas to Vietnam and decided to cruise around on the back of a motorbike my first experience was in Ho Chi Minh and oh my god for the first few minutes I literally was thinking I'm going to die after that it become the best experience Ive had.

    I was looking to ride back of motorbike at every chance I had all over Vietnam and decided that now I'm back in Melbourne its time to learn to ride here so when I'm back overseas early next year I can ride by myself which will give me so much more Freedom.

    My plan:

    1) Complete 2 day weekend course at Hart learn to ride get L's
    2) Buy bike / safety gear get experience riding around Melbourne
    3) Find course to learn how to repair and maintain motorbike issues that may arise when riding.
    4) Get P's
    5) Ride overseas

    I look forward to learning more about biking and how to ride safe I'm not interested in riding 200km an hour but more touring and seeing the sights and enjoying myself.

    I will post some more specifics in other threads I create later on.


  2. Okay WantFreedomWantFreedom baptism of fire...but welcome to the relative sanity of NR.
    Like your plan and wil be interested to hear of your progress!
  3. Hi Brent, Welcome to the forum, good to see you have a plan. Saturday morning practice is a good stepping stone. You don't need to have your bike you can come down and chat to other riders and work out what sort of bike suits you.
  4. Thanks guys,

    Where is this Saturday morning practice? Its something that may be worthwhile in doing as my level of understanding of bikes at the moment is 0 lol but we all have to start somewhere :)
  5. A clean slate is never a bad thing to start with...
  6. welcome, and yep for sat prac sessions, worth every minute of ot.
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