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What's it worth??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hornet, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. My wife's nephew had a brief and inglorious flirtation with motorcycling a few years ago, and the result is a bike sitting in my mother-in-law's garage, unregistered and suffering from terminal lack of interest.

    Its a Honda VT-250C, silver in colour, with a 4/96 compliance plate. It's done only 34,000 kms, and the only damage is a bent brake lever and both mirrors were broken and removed after a low-speed fall in Sydney.

    The tyres are virtually new and although I haven't heard it run, I've no reason to assume it's not in good condition mechanically; the lack of interest came about as a result of the fall, not a breakdown.

    I'm trying to encourage him to sell it (maybe to me so Mrs Hornet can get back on a bike again), so I'm curious as to what it might be worth.

    And, no, I don't have a picture !
  2. hornet what does redbook say as a very rough guide? or maybe he should do family rates and give you a great deal?
  3. I wouldn't know how or where to consult Redbook, but prices on bikesales.com.au vary around $5,000 for models of similar year :shock:.
  4. Thanks for that joel. I guess that means that as a 1996 model it's worth considerably less than $2000 (trade-in price) if that's what a 2000 model is worth.
  5. with the standard family discount,i reckon a slab of beer should cover it.
  6. Hmmm compliance 96... built in year though? like 88 or 89. I wouldn't pay more than 2500.
  7. ?? Is this model a grey import, phiz?
  8. I seen a couple on ebay, owners had difficulty selling at $1600 - 1800.
  9. Didn't know Casey Stoner owned so many VTR's :roll:

    With LAMS well entrenched, haven't a clue how come these things are supposedly worth so much :?

    eBay the benchmark - you're there ready with cash, no hassle sale and hardly gonna rip them off. Show them the redbook as well, but usually a little under what most pay.

    And check the build against compliance, as not a fan of "grey" imports but plenty own them without too many dramas.
  10. Paul I'd think $2200 should be enough.
    Fluids will likely need changing and the chain could have tight spots from sitting.
    It will need some money spent on it :)
  11. With no rego and considering it's pre VTR and pre Spada, I'd be surprise if it even got that.