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What's it worth

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farmer, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hi.
    I thinking of buying a 650 V star Classic, it has 12,000klms on the clock so i have been told . has wind shield sissy bar it's an 01 model man wants $6800 for it, does that sound like a good price or is he over priced,he was trying to tell me they were $17 grand new with the few extras, so i phoned Yamaha, they told me the 01 model was $10,990 brand new, what do you think. also it;s two tone.
    Any help would be Appreciated.
    Regards Farmer

  2. What I've found is that there is no one "price" for any given bike, but a price RANGE.

    Have a look on bikepoint and ebay for the model you mention and see whats available for that kind of money. You'll soon see whether he's in the ballpark or totally dreaming.
  3. its worth what someone is willing to pay
  4. A brand new (off the factory floor) costs $11,000 (without mods).

    You're looking for a bike thats 10 years old, without any warranty at all that has at best $2,000 worth of extras. 12,000 k's over 10 years = barely used.

    You can pick up a 2003 XVS650 for $7,000 with less k's. These bikes seem to settle around the 6-8k mark depending on k's (no matter what year).

    So its only worth that price if you're willing to pay it.

    IMHO it's not a bad buy, but it may not be the best buy.
    Are the extras any value to you?