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what's it worth [Modded, derestricted er6nl ABS]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pow3r, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Almost off my LAMS, so looking to trade up once the restriction ends.one of the bikes taht caught my eye was an ER6N.
    i spoke to a dude who works at my office's local cafe, he's interested in selling this bike, as it doesn't get ridden, haven't seen pics yet, but here's what i know
    • yoshi slipon
    • dyno tuned to ~75hp
    • rizoma bars and grips
    • desrestricted, with power commander. (not sure if the derestriction is registered with vicroads, so i'd want to get the paperwork done so it was legal
    • doesn't know the year but black with red rear spring [so i'd guess 2010]
    • tail tidy
    • bar end mirrors
    • led indicators
    • never dropped or downed
    • one owner since new
    • will supply all original parts as well
    • garaged for a year, so probably need battery

    it's out of rego, and is in a garage, so i'd need to swap out some of the above to get a rwc.

    Realisitically, i'm looking to compare the above to a similarly modded ER6N (non LAMS). I know de-restricting knocks dollars off the LAMS price, hence comparing to a non lams model. (ie, not willing to pay any extra for a LAM restrction kit i won't be using)

    he's yet to give a price, but sight unseen, what would you all suggest you'd pay for an ER6N with these mods?
  2. Sorry, confused. Is it a LAMS bike tat as been unrestricted?
  3. The dude selling the bike doesn't know the year of the bike??
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  4. Sounds sus, could be wrong. Heaps of bikes on the market, spend a half an hour on the net, you'll find out.
  5. Yeah, I'm with McSenna and Jay77, if the guy doesn't know the year of his own bike, and if there is confusion about restricted / destricted / derestricted... then keep looking. Plenty of bikes on the market and it really is a buters market right now. Plus, why get a LAMS bike if you don't need to? Unless it is an absolute steal price wise.
  6. It's definitely de-restricted, but i haven't asked whether he's gone through the vicroads channels.
    it's not a big deal if not, because if not i'd definitely make that my first stop, so it's all legal.
    because that's my first stop, and you can't re-restrict a bike to LAMS, i'm not going to pay a lams markup because it's not worth extra cash for something that i can't resell with.

    i know there are a lot of ER6n's on the market, but the only non LAMS ones on bikesales with ABS seem to be '12 models, and priced accordingly. There are no ABS ER6N's on ebay and one derestricted 2011 ABS model on trading post for ~8500 with very similar mods.

    basically, i'm trying to find out what a price that this would be worth it at, Versus buying a LAMs and derestricting (based on limited ABS non lams) and modding.
    i guess from the trading post model, anything less than 8500 would be worth it, or is 8500 for this (linked) crazy?

  7. I would take the average price for this bike on bikesales then.....

    Take 5% off because all bikes on bikesales are priced for at least that much negotiation.

    Then I would give him $0 credit for the mods, no one pays more for mods. The only real mod is the exhaust, if he doesn't have the original exhaust I would minus $200 because you might need one for EPA. Indicators and tail tidies are like $50 on ebay, not worth anything (they are probably illegal anyway).

    Then I would minus $1K for no rego ($600 for rego $400 for hassle going to get it).

    Then I would minus $500 for it sitting around because you take a risk on this. Bike's shouldn't sit.

    Then minus $300 if he doesn't have paperwork for the derestriction. Just because it is a hassle and a bit dodgy and if you take that risk you want some cash for that risk.

    Then offer whatever that comes to (rounded off to the nearest $100), he won't be happy probably, tell him that is your offer and wait for his call, if it is just sitting there he will call. Maybe let him talk you up a couple hundred to let him "win".
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  8. An item, any item, is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it.
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  9. $6500 tops, needs battery and tyres, dodgy history and maybe not legal. Start with a low ball offer circa $5k & work up. If it hasn't been ridden for a year he wants it gone. You'll be surprised what people will accept when a pile of money is in front of them.
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  10. personally with all you've initially said - i'd walk away....there's so many other riders that are actively looking to sell their bikes and keep them taken care of....i'd rather a bike that's been used for commuting than one that's spent it's time locked up in a garage

    plus....2007 models also had black with red frame/springs.
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