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Whats is the cheapest Insurance company in NSW for under 25

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by steven_s2k, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hey there,

    I really some advice and opinion on which insurance company to get for my honda 1991 cbr 250rr. Im a 20yrs old male and just got my first bike. I am current;y on my Learner License and is interested in getting either 3rd party or Full Comprehensive insurance but i was wondering if i could get some help from you guys out there. Im really after the cheapest price since i do have a limited budget. Please give me ur feedback on which type of insurance i should get and which company would be most suitable or cheapest out there. Thanks heaps everyone !!!

    Regards Steven :]
  2. First of all, Steven, welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider; sit down and make yourself at home. WE have (even though Vic would probably like us to go home every now and then :LOL:).

    Now, to insurance, the White Man's Burden.

    You're up against it anyway, being in the highest risk/age group category; some companies will not even quote you, and others will want the soul of your first-born in advance!

    MG's probably the best one to ask, but visit the insurers' websites and fill in the the on-line info and see what the quotes are.

    I'm with QBE and my full-comp is $256 per year on a '98 Hornet, but I'm ancient and have a good record :).
  3. Did you try Shannons or www.insuremyride.com.au , they a netrider sponsors after all.

    There adds are here < & ^here
  4. Am with AAMI at the moment, 3rd party only, and $110 per year. (were the cheapest)

    And I applied for western QBE last week via the website, for fire/theft/3rdparty, didn't even acknowledge my application! :p
  5. I believe Western QBE is the best one to try. They will also match prices or beat other insurance companies plus they insure your gear as well in case of an accident.

    I would recommend you also do get full comprehensive insurance cause u never know what is going to happen ( search these forums to see how many bikes have been stolen).

    They also offer discounts to low usage of your bike as well.

    Insuremyride is also very good but you need to do everything online to recieve a discount.

    Also i wouldnt bother with NRMA - they dont really have anything that suits motorcyclists.
  6. NRMA's pretty good, I went with them. $850-odd for full comp, 21yr old male learner with one mid-range speeding ticket.
  7. My last two bikes were with the NRMA also, 20yo male learner with a clean driving record.

    Payed $330 a year for my 1990 grey import across (was insured for $2500), and pay around $600 a year now for my 1998 gpx250 (which is insured for 4000 or so).
  8. I just organised insurance for a zxr250. Im 23 no experience on my L's.
    Comprehensive quotes.
    Nrma wanted $2000.
    Insuremyride is $900 for market value ($3600 i think) with a grand of gear and grand of personal belongings.

    Needless to say i went with insuremyride.

    Western QBE will beat anything though.

    I chose insuremyride because it was easy and after doing a search on here and reading about how good they were to make a claim with.

    Just make sure you read everything in the contract. Excesses are a biatch no matter who you use. Remember to consider that when you compare. $400 basic and $400 rider under 25 equals $800 more for you to pay when you stack.
  9. I disagree, I have 2 bikes with them and they were only slightly more expensive than specialist bike insurers who often only offer a market value policy, whereas NRMA offer agreed value, and they pay up fast with no hassles. I know they pay because I had a total loss on My 03 GSXR1000 and they paid within a week of the bike being assessed.

    That said, they probably don't offer the best deals for the most often represented statistic, being male bike riders <25yo.

    A word of advice, read the policy documents and product disclosure carefully, and ensure that the cover is what suits you. Just because an insurer is cheap, doesn't make it good, especially when it comes time to cough up, and that is when alot of people find out the hard way that cheap policies with smaller insurers can bite you.
    You get what you pay for!
  10. well that is gay!

    I was quoted 3.3K with them and the only thing they covered is my helmet.

    I have a clean driving record and my blacks for my car. stupid nrma people lol