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VIC What's involved with getting a "no turn" restriction removed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Wellington Street in St Kilda has an exceptionally annoying and "no-right turn" at Upton Rd and "no u-turn" restriction when heading west, making it a monumental pain in the ass to get on to Upton Road if you live east of it.


    It doesn't make any sense, because there's no impact on traffic if people wanted to turn there as there is so rarely eastbound traffic that has to be waited for. Likewise it doesn't seem to be for "safety", it's just a no-point restriction. As a result of it, people just ignore the sign altogether, or cut through the apartment complex's entryway and loop back around on Nelson St, and then have to do a very sharp left hander with very little view of eastbound traffic that might be about to turn, which is a damned sight more dangerous.

    Nobody in the neighbourhood seems to like it, so is it as simple as getting local people to sign a petition and presenting it to VicRoad, or the local council, or… ?

    Maybe if I can succeed with this, I'll take on the complete clusterfuсk that is the St Kilda Junction's light timing…
  2. Mate, forget it.

    I've had Vicroads out three times for a single sign or clear some vegitation. People who don't frequent my business don't quite understand the road. It's a dual carriage way, two lanes both directions with a median strip. I have photographed plenty of people turn right out of my drive into oncoming traffic.

    Vicroads have stated that if I get a sign then more business' on the same road are going to ask for one and their solution is to put my own sign in place. I said that's fine, when there is an accident out the front, I'll photograph it and get my file opened again and the person who rejected the sign or the median strip to be cleared of trees can do some explaining.
  3. ...at night, wearing all black gear, remove the signs. The next day get some black paint and paint over the white "island" road markings acting as a median strip...make it look like broken lines instead.
  4. Raise petition to start with and then see your local State member to get some political clout. Talking to Vicroads directly is probably useless.

    Although I do like the Phongus Ninja approach ;) I can imagine Ninja armies of traffic sign and speed camera despoilers. A man can dream.
  5. I'd say just a large shifter, unless they've used security bolts, then you'll need to drill them.

    Better yet, remove the wedges from the pole base & remove the whole pole, they'll never know it's missing.
  6. Depends how major the road is if it goes to local council or Vicroads. I once tried to get a stupid stop sign removed. To their credit they did do a lot of research into it, but they still said no.
  7. Can always run it over with a 4x4...I mean all the keep left signs in my neighbourhood are either run down or gone missing.
  8. Just turn right yer sook.
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  9. that's just for cars, don't worry about it
  10. I keep seeing a cop parked across the street in a driveway watching for people doing it recently, I never cared before :rofl:
  11. You can beat him it's ok
  12. print and post to:
    VicRoads Head Office Administration
    60 Denmark Street
    Kew VIC 3101

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  13. No need to go that far although I will give you credit for the idea.

    Pair of work pants, hi vis vest and a white ute and just drive up to the signs and remove them, anyone watching will just assume it is legal especially if you have already aquired the workman ahead signs and placed them. If you really want to avert any suspicion get a couple of mates with stop go signs as well.

    OR you could dress them in fancy dress like that guy in Doncaster was doing with speed cameras, wish he was still doing it really made me laugh.
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  14. decades ago I was courier, this was a real piece of crap of a road to travel during peak times cause traffic banking back, quite a few accidents happened here too, that WAS decades ago...
    Maybe the cops are making alot of 'donations' so they leave it as is..
    should be time frames at least make it easier for all
  15. Interesting you bring up this intersection. heres my two cents from someone who lives IN that building in the picture so im fairly effected by the setup here.

    Firstly, cops regularly patrol this intersection in the mornings from around 7am - 9am and catch many people performing the illegal right hand turn. They often sit in unmarked and marked cars, as well as often posting a bike cop on the bridge just below the rise where they cant be seen until you have already made the turn. They are there every few weeks, so beware.

    2ndly. Because of the setup of the intersection, people use the driveway of my building to go between the building to access the rear lane, from which you can then perform a left turn into upton road. Many people are now aware of this, and royally piss me off by using the drive way and then honking and abusing me for blocking the drive way when Im waiting for the garage door to open to let me in to the building. (its always cagers, not bikes. Bikes could get around me). Oh and then theres the cops who use the driveway as a hiding position to catch people performing the turn.

    It seems to me that the intersection is setup to discourage people using Upton road as a shortcut between wellington road and commercial road, forcing people onto either punt road or chapel street, neither of which is an appealing option. In the last 12 months speed humps were installed on Upton road as well.

    3rd issue. The island is dangerous. There is a very hard left turn at the end of the bridge in the direction of wellington road, forced by the island. Several times cars have come over the bridge at night, not familiar with the island, and have crashed over the island, taking down the road signs with them, not having being able to stop before they hit the island.

    I agree the setup is bad. It doesnt seem to serve any great purpose as most people ignore the signage or use the driveway loop around anyway.

    Do I care enough to do anything about it? Probably not. If a petition came into my letterbox id sign it, but id say chances of change would be very very small.

  16. Howdy, neighbour :)

    Yeah I've seen 'em there a couple times on my way to work… I go down to the Junction anyway so it doesn't affect me in the mornings, but it makes me paranoid when I do it in the evenings.

    Yeah I've started doing this recently, but I only ride and havne't run into any traffic doing that anyway

    That's putting it VERY mildly. I live on Wellington St, so using that route is the fastest way to Chapel St ANYWAY (over the bridge, snap right at the roundabout, takes you right to the beginning of Chapel. Otherwise I've gotta go up Crimea, take a left, and then wait at the year-long light to cross Dnong/Queens). Punt Road is worthless if you're going north and want to turn right, the turn lights are too short and you wait a goddamned year. Even if they won't remove the turn restriction, I'm gonna continue doing 3 point turns in driveways, or going to the back lane, or even going down a couple of blocks, turning left and then doing a u-turn to come back onto Wellington if I have to. There's just no fuсking way on this earth I will use Chapel St or go through the godforsaken Junction to use Punt Rd.

    I think it was before that. I'm reasonably sure they've been there as long as I've had the bike, and I got it in November of '10.

    It AMAZES me how often those signs get taken out :rofl:

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so I've gotta take that shot :)

    One additional note is that as mentioned in my original post, doing the left from you guys' back lane is a really sharp turn, and the visibility is horrible. I'm 50% sure I'm gonna get cleaned up there eventually.
  17. I'm pretty sure it's set up this way to deter rat-racers from using side streets to dodge traffic. VicRoads handle arterial roads, your local council handles side streets. Write to the Traffic and Engineering people at council and see what they have to say. Chances are it's set up this way because they were receiving local resident complaints.