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What's in your panniers?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by imagineero, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. For those of you that have panniers on your bikes, what are you carrying in them day to day?

    In mine I've usually got a small first aid kit specific to bikes, earplugs, sunnies, small bottle of sunscreen, pillion helmet and a cable wires to the bike to charge the phone. On longer trips I'll add a puncture repair kit as well as clothes and stuff.

    All this fits in one sidebox, leaving the other sidebox and top box for my own helmet, groceries, a jacket or whatever.

    I've also got a small toolkit in the bike itself. What are you carrying?

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  2. Do you pack your left pannier first?
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  3. Good question haha... I don't have much of a preference. I try to put things in going to be accessing regularly in my topbox, the ST top box has a false floor with some space under which is handy. The panniers come off pretty easy for packing on longer trips, but I tend to travel light. If going on a ride for a week the two panniers and top box belong to my gf, I put a spare pare of undies in my pocket and good to go ;-)
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  4. You are a funny man, Peter!!!
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  5. I carry a rain suit, woollen hat, sun hat and polar fleece zip-up vest in the right pannier. In the left pannier I have a tyre repair kit and pump, a few tools, a head-torch and a spare headlight bulb. I will probably add jumper leads or a battery-assist device at some point. It's a good question imagineeroimagineero and I'm interested to see others' responses too. I really like having standard panniers!
  6. Nothing, it's all in the Top Box. Panniers are in the cupboard, as they are just wind resistance day to day. Only will pull them out for seriously extended trips or 2 up.
  7. Hat is always a good idea, and I do keep a headlamp in my toolkit they're so handy! Spare headlight is something I don't have, I used to have one taped inside the fairing on my older bike together with a spare key. I carry more stuff on longer trips, but around town I'd rather have less weight and more space. The bikes heavy enough as it is :-( when touring I carry a radial repair kit and a few of those disposable inflation canisters which are small and light.
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  8. Yes, I used to live five minutes drive from my workplace and, like Gooza, would probably leave the panniers at home. Now, I live thirty kilometres away and tend to commute prepared for as many weather eventualities as possible. What I do carry weighs probably less than three kilograms so it doesn't make too much difference on a 305-kilogram motorcycle.
  9. The ST is just so ugly without its panniers otherwise I'd probably leave them too. Nice to have a waterproof place to lockup helmet x 2 as well since I often leave my bike in different places.
  10. Dog food in the right, (big) poo bags in the left :bored:
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  11. On the strom I had wet weather gear in one side and first aid/tools etc in the other. When I got the big shad topbox it all fit into that so I hardly every used the panniers after that.
  12. Air.
    I'm thinking that my panniers/arse looks big.
  13. I'm with slow poke on this. Bought a small top box for my man bag and rain suit.
  14. Like GoozaGooza , my panniers stay home, unless touring or 2up. It's soft luggage, so gets packed inside and thrown over the seat.

    As a permanent fixture, (pictured), I've got a large tail bag flitted to the rear rack. It houses some additional tools, bog roll, air compressor, pressure gauge, chamois, 10m of hessian rope, full set of wets, and an alternative pair of gloves. (Winter/Summer)
    I don't like to go without :rolleyes:

    My Ventura rack, which faces forwards, accommodates the big bag when I'm commuting to work, or full day rides.
    It easily swallows my work uniform, boots and lunch.
  15. Yes I do Mr FlibbleMr Flibble, as I mount/dismount on the left usually it is the most accessed.
    I carry wet pants, water bottle, cable ties, tie straps, first aid kit, small tool kit. I have a windscreen bag for sunnies, charging cables, mints, etc.
  16. Rain over pants, compressor and plugs with tool in one side, empty the other. No topbox.
    If I go somewhere I don't want to carry helmet and gloves, I'll put them in the other side, and can also jam my jacket in there if I have to.
  17. For eons I rode with panniers & top box, then panniers only, now no panniers and a 20lt soft bag. Much easier for riding generally and filtering especially. The Battlestar Galactica is a metre wide at the arse with panniers which is dynamite when filtering.

    And I always had the permanent junk (massive first aid kit, tool kits, chamois, plastic polish, gaffer tape, ty-wraps, puncture kit, etc) in the right pannier leaving the left pannier for day to day clutter. I hate riding with panniers these days, last time I had a loan bike and caught an Audi when they shifted across the lane, she was out of her mind because "you hit my car"!!
  18. Picked mine up today. Blizzard Enduristan softs

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  19. A Makita screw gun and a battery charger and a spare battery and my tool belt with nails and racks of collated screws and a plasterer"s hammer, and on the other side, a pair of work boots and an Aldi rain jacket and a pair of Nax Sax and me lunch.
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