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What's in your oil filter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Ricknet, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. While doing some research on oil I found this site dealing with oil filters. I won't be buying a genuine Yamaha filter again..

  2. Not really the best test to simply open it up and see if it looks good. I have seen proper tests on oil filters in which dirty oil was passed through then analysed after to see how much material was removed. Some filters (and I forget which) filtered out very little material, further research proved that in many the holes in the filter material were simply far too big to block the finer material (which in many cases does the most damage). This is why regular oil changes are so very important.
  3. The thing is, it is possible to make a filter which will filter everything out, but it would clog in a half hour and bypass, sending unfiltered oil through the system. Also, the oil pressure to use this type of filter would be horrendous. What is done is that the filter is designed to remove anything large enough to do damage(talking microns here), and the oil carries the rest of the fine crud (which doesn't really do much due to it's size) in suspension until the engine stops, then it USUALLY settles into the sump.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. i dont think it matters what brand of oil filter is used , i know a lot of the "genuine" brand name oil filters are made by non genuine oil filter companies and then relabelled .... and for some reason the "genuine" article then costs 3 times more
  5. Correct, most oil filters usually have a pore sizing (from memory) of around 20 micron which is roughly the equivalent of fine dust. However I have seen images of very fine (2-3 micron) grains of silica and other material in NEW cheap oil and the damage it can cause to an engine. So not only should you change oil/filters regularly but stay well away from cheap oil (especially plain label supermarket stuff) since some of it is actually industrial machinery oil which has been "cleaned" and resold.
  6. The fine material that Typhoon mentions is why it is important to warm up the bike before draining the oil and gett all those bits back into suspension.