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What's in between 250R and 675?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I no longer like and enjoy my bike (CBR250R). Even more, honestly saying at times (like today) I think it is crappy, cheaply made Thai shit.

    My dream bike is Daytona 675, but I won't jump on it until most people I know will "approve" it.

    So I'm considering some well built, sports machine.

    Unfortunately there aren't really many options. Ninja 300 and CBR500R. Both have to be bought brand new.
    I also have no idea about the build quality of these two.

    They are built to the price, but surely can't be worse than my current bike :)


  2. Any 400cc bikes could do the trick. VFR400, RVF400, CBR400, CB400, GSXR400 (yes they exist), ZXR400, FZR400.

    All those bikes tend to be on the expensive side and to be honest, unless you really like to have a 400, they won't be much worth to you when you upgrade to a 675. Most of the 400cc bikes were imported, except for the CB400 I believe.

    You can always get the 675 and get it restricted (add a throttle stop so you can't open 100%), so that way it won't feel too overpowering and once you feel like you're ready and have the confidence, get the throttle stop removed.
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  3. Thanks phongus.
    I didn't even know those bikes exist! Wow.

    Somehow none of those are particularly appealing to me.

    I didn't even think about restricting 675. It would be a waste of the bike and I'd feel sor for her :)
    But it might be an option.

    I'm really curious about the build quality of the newcoming CBR 500R. It could be the most pragmatic choice unless it is build in Thailand too :)
  4. Are you still on LAMS restrictions tho? If you are, I'm not certain if you can just restrict a non-LAMS bike to comply with the rules.

    If you aren't, I suppose it's moot.
  5. No I'm not on a restricted. But I'm guessing my skills are far from riding 675 "properly" (jee, probably even my 250, even though some its nuts start to fall off ha-ha).

    What exactly do you mean moot Mandy?
  6. Without being rude... why do you feel you couldn't ride the D675? It'll be a big step but surely, it's just a matter of exercising some discipline (of the right wrist variety) until you're more confident.
  7. You are correct. The best thing about the new CBR250 is the paint job.

    Are you allowed on an RVF400? Because those were very well made, hold their value, perform well and the ones with the new body kits look beautiful.

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  8. #8 Greydog, Feb 5, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
    Moot means it isn't relevant, ie in this case, you have had your full licence more than a year so my question re restricting a non-LAMS bike doesn't apply to you.

    Edited to add. Personally, I believe one can 'grow' into a larger bike, provided one has the self restraint to not do anything so stupid that one's life is endangered. The right hand is connected to your brain. Having said that, we probably all do dumb things sometimes..it's just a question of if you can restrain yourself most of the time enough to learn to ride it, or if you consider yourself too undisciplined to do that.

    However this is my own personal opinion and others may not agree.
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  9. Oh dear...looks like that one's from sumoto isn't it...
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  10. Get the 675. Take it easy. Do some (more) training - including roadcraft if you can. Build your skills gradually. It's unlikely you'll ever outride it (at least not for a long time) so don't worry too much about that. Learning to ride "properly" can be a life-long pursuit for some (edit: most).

    The 675 will be less forgiving than the 250, by a long shot, so you'll need to learn some self control, but at the same time it'll reward you with much better brakes, suspension, chassis, and enough power to get you out of as well as into trouble.

    For me, the feeling of accelleration on a 600 class bike (the cb600 is the 600 bike I have ridden the most) in first gear wasn't too dissimilar to the vtr250 in first gear; the main difference being that the 600 would go all the way to beyond 100 whereas the vtr would stop at about 40. Okay, maybe that's not -entirely- fair on the 600's - as you get higher up the rev range they do pull more, but you get the idea.

    Also, you'll find a few things.. first, you won't need to use the gears as much. This helps make the twisties a bit more fun. Second, things approach a lot quicker when you twist the throttle (again, imagine first gear on the 250 pulling to beyond 100), and it may take a while for your reaction speed to catch up with your newfound 'warp' capabilities.

    If you're careful the lessons you've learnt on the 250 should translate across..

    I guess my closing argument is that if you feel ready, you probably are. Treat the new bike with respect and it will reward you, and continue to do so for a long time. Treat it with contempt, ... well, don't treat it with contempt. :)
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  11. if not any of the 400's.

    CBR600 or GSXR600.
    while they might be ABLE to keep up with a 675, the way they deliver their power is different... they're more peaky... which allows you to grow into them a bit more. As you get better you rev it more and when you're used to it you wont need to upgrade to a 675 cause up in the revs they're just as quick.
  12. Get a Street Triple.

  13. IMHO a StripleR is the perfect bike to step up to. Nicely balanced, very light to control, good power delivery, excellent riding characteristics and will take you well into the future of your riding.
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  14. talk to raven it sounds like hes been mentoring you. This is your second bike so a 675 isn't a bad step... i was saying a 600 cause you asked whats in between... but you've been doing a bit of riding on your 250 so a 675 is probably ok, it's certainly not silly like going to a litrebike, and if it's your dream bike then go for it.
  15. 675 all the way. They are not as crazy as people are making them out to be my 675R could be punted around town lazily but when needed can really get up and go without being litrebike powerful. Even at WOT they are not scary. Maybe look at the new zx636r.
  16. Its time to cut the umbilical cord. Let your testis drop and pick the bike YOU want, not the one 'appoved' by others. You sound like you have your head screwed on and caution with any bike is needed
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  17. My CBR400 bike feels like my friends CBR250, both gutless.............when I went from a 125 to a 636 it wasnt the power difference that annoyed me............just control the throttle and dont go all out until your familiar with the bike, maybe click it a gear higher to make things easier.
  18. or go buy a proper 250 like a zxr =P

    will teach you the vast difference in riding position.....you will still kick it and call it a piece of shit - but you will still love that piece of shit - grey imports ftw....can happily hit near 100 in 2nd gear to memory.

    i'm stupidly biased tho so don't take my word for it =D
  19. ....the R6 is like a 250 on steroids....i found it really easy to transition to.... or just get the bike you want.... :)
  20. You dont just hate it because of your off on the weekend do you?