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What's in a Helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Today, while a mate was getting a new tyre fitted, we browsed the shops in Ringwood. More specifically, we were looking at helmets.

    One store had a brand of helment, "Box" on sale for around $90. On the rack above it were some Shoeis and Arais which were priced at around the $900 mark.

    Now, given that both lids have to comply with the same standard, where is the extra $800 value in the Shoeis, Arais, etc.?

    Do they comply with an even higher standard than AS1698? Or is it in the superior quality, whisper quiet, hi-tech ventilation, super comfortable features that you could reasonably expect from a helmet costing nearly $800 or 10 times more?

    The AGVs (which I own), seemed more reasonably priced at around the $350 mark.

    And the only reason that I own an AGV is that it's the only lid that I could wear comfortably. I feel for those with a "Shoei head" who may be stuck forking out a good deal more just so that they can get a helmet that is a comfortable fit for them.
  2. What's in a helmet?

    Usually a head :LOL:

    {Sorry, move along, nothing to see here :LOL:}
  3. don't try on the arai is all i can say...because if you try it on, all the cheap helmets are going to feel a whole lot worse afterwoods.
    ...but i'd say the brand name covers a fair amount of the extra cost, plus as you mentioned comfort, lighter, better quality materials...higher safety rating/standard?..nope.
    ...some mob in the UK is testing helmets independantly, with suprising reslults...some of the cheaper helmets performing well, some of the pricey ones performing poorly.
    ...but hey, it's your head, and currently they don't make proshetic heads...anything but your brain and spine can be mended...is money really a consideration to protect either.
  4. the way I see it, your was the only one that fitted properly, stick with it, fit is important.
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  6. Technically, all helmets are made of the same thing:
    Hard plastic and layers of some kind of hard foam material.

    Difference between them all is probably just comfort, more ventilation and better fits. I tried on a few brands and found that only RXT and Shoei were the only comfortable ones with my size, the rest were a bit too tight.
  7. The premium brands tend to have better interiors. But the mid range brands can provide a lot for a fraction of the premium brands. The sub- $150, are only good as pillion helmets. They're generally heavy, with cheap interiors and minimal/no vents. They all pass Aust. Standard requirements for motorcycle helmets and many are SNELL approved.

    I currently have a mid-range helmet for my commuting needs, where I only ride for an hour at a time. The premium helmets are more comfortable for weekend trips and extended touring, IMO.

    But hey, some of us are on entry level income, some are earning avg. salaries, and others are in middle/upper management pulling in over $150k a year. So, what's a grand on the whole scheme of things. :D
  8. Usually a nut.

    Aside from that, my take is that a helmet is like a suit; a $300 suit can look better then a $1000 suit if it fits properly. There's only so many ways you can make a bit of produce container with a bit of plastic/fibreglass on one side and foam on the other. There's a better chance that the more expensive one will be quieter, better vented and more aerodynamic, but if you're just pottering from A to B, you don't really need to pay an extra $300 to have a #46 decal set!