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whats happening to regional country dealers?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by JohnG., Jul 23, 2006.

  1. I had a heated discussion with my Dealer last week...long story...its kinda sorted now...and at least its all out in the open...he finally admitted to having trouble getting good mechanics in the past & salesman with fingers in the cash regisiter that didnt put 'orders in...but says,hes determined to try & win some of the lost trade back...Although he cant 'carry' my trade-in if I want to buy new??? :(

  2. im sorry mate but i dont quite understand the post. its probably just me, im not the birghtest tool in the shed.

    is the problem he wont accept a trade in when you purchase new because he doesnt have qualified staff to sell the bike and or service it?
  3. Think he means in general. Especially when ordering what you would think the most basic parts ( clutch, brake levers etc) It can take weeks before you have them.

    Have said it before its quicker to ring Melbourne, order the part & they will post it up to me. 9 times out of 10 I have it within the week.
  4. It means they are not making enough money to carry an inventory of parts, and they can't find good tradesmen. The tradesmen thing is not just a regional problem......

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. He's done stuffups in the past,...so I've stayed away...
    Now says all's well...but cant afford to take my trade in
    if I want to buy new.
  6. you would probably get more selling private?
  7. Country dealers must do it really hard in this industry. I was shocked when looking for my new bike just mths ago to see not one new bike on display at the Kwaka dealer in Ballarat, and, in a town with such a substantial population, NO Suzuki dealer at all? Must be a tough gig to run a motorcycles shop anywhere but the CBD.
  8. I live in the Latrobe Valley. Despite the general perception of the place it's fairly prosperous. The region has around 100,000 people. It has its share of government housed or supported people, mainly due to the cheaper housing. Otherwise, employment is pretty good.

    Anyway Moe has a Suzuki dealership, Morwell has a Kawasaki dealership (Glenn Middlemiss, former ARRC champion and who beat W. Gardner at Amaroo Park in the Swann Series) and a Honda/Yamaha dealership in Traralgon. All of them have new bikes. Mostly though, they're dirt bikes, with a few quad"bikes".

    For road bike servicing, I think that Middlemiss is the go. He does a good job and has good mechanics on hand. They're all much of a muchness when it comes to spares and accessories. Have lots of stuff, but never what YOU actually want...

    If I had to order stuff in I'd probably do the trip to Melbourne myself. I'd use it as an excuse to take the missus shopping and to take in lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. But generally though, they're OK. Usually 4-5 days to get stuff in.
  9. Local sales at these places must be limited...
    I dont know why these Dealers arnt using the 'net more...
    ..like these blokes at Albury(NSW)...to increase sales
  10. LOL dont expect to much from the online site.
    Guy who did the work on site no longer works there.

    Maybe Van should contact them & get it up & going again
    rest of the guys in there dont have a clue.
  11. When searching for helmets I found that motorcycle/accessory traders had a rather poor online presence. A lot that do have basic websites, with some of the more prominent stores with outdated information.

    It's a bit disappointing. Perhaps they think that there isn't money in it, or a fear of new technology, or whatever.
  12. I live in the country as well and I've found that dealers in smaller towns can be reluctant to take trade ins as well.

    The dealer in Kyneton wasn't really interested in a road bike trade in when I was looking for a new bike a couple of weeks back (although they are happy enough to take trail bike trade ins).

    The dealer in Bendigo would take the Yamaha as a trade in but didn't have any stock on the floor for me to look at.

    I ended up buying at Raceway Suzuki in Melbourne. Whilst Suzuki Australia have no stock and the one on the floor there was sold at least they had one for me to inspect. No issues with having a trade in either.

    I understand that it can be difficult for country dealers, but they need to understand that if people can't even look at a bike they'll go somewhere else (and no I'm not interested in wasting the time of a city dealer and then buying in the country, that is disingenuous at best).
  13. Yes, I mentioned it to them back in February - it doesn't work at all in Firefox. Apparently it was 'built' by local TAFE students and, as you say, they don't seem particularly interested in fixing it.

    They're not really sure it brings in much trade although they felt BikePoint did so...
  14. Thanks blokes,
    I've noticed several Dealers down that way use 'Bikesales'....
    Btw,Do you deal with anyone else there?
  15. Mr Charmed got his bike @ Online in Albury, while I found mine on bike point. As it turned out seller also from Albury. Turned out was just meant to be. Was doing 1 last round of bike hunting up here & if didnt find anything we were making plans on heading down to Melb. After spending weeks lookin & getting frustated with most only having ag & dirt bikes & not much if any @ all in road.

    We wernt looking for trade in, kept the two 250's for son1 & 2 but most were willing to do deal if we brought both bikes from them. But as always wern't 100% happy with what they had to offer @ the time.