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Whats going on in your shed ????

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Brucey, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. This post is to see who else on this forum has made engineering changes to there bikes to get there steed to the latest and greatest GP fashion at the time, or performance mods of dubious nature

    Me for one having all the engineering equipment at home ie lathe, mill, drill, polishing equip, and gas welding etc have been guilty of the following,

    Mechanical Anti dive ie links and bars attached to standard forks (Kork Ballingtons KR 350 I think from the early eighties) great in the dry, you could emergency brake with the handle bars rising 1” but auto lock up in the wet. (SR500)

    Leading link forks as per the trad Guzzi 350 single from the 50’s fitted to a XS650 Yamaha with modded frame single seat, home made reverse cone mega exhausts, wire wheels twin discs etc. Looked the part.

    Rebuilt my Laverda Jota from the ground up including full engine overhaul, had to strip it to the cases 6 months latter to get at the spring about the size of a cigatette butt that had broken leading to a semi auto gear change when you least expected it

    Custom triple clamps to mod 600 Yamaha seca for mate to include GSXR1100 forks and brakes and re-machine Suzuki across front wheel to take twin discs and custom axle bolt etc etc

    Too many dollars on cams valves pistons from every part of the world reduced to scrap metal in the pursuit of speed and or Horsepower

    Current project is a 750 sfc laverda (SF2 74) replica mods included are GSXR 750 twin spot callipers on custom rotors/carriers, extensive frame mods including lay down twin shocks and full mod to sfc stand etc ground up restoration on basket case bike might include 76 deg crank conversion and just thinking about fuel injection.
    Currently building my tube bender (mandrel type to make my headers) so making the tools to make the frame etc on the next project, so the story goes on and on and on

    Whats yours………..???
  2. ermm.... i have a screwdriver set :grin:
  3. i've got a set of farings that i just resprayed for a mate, my own bike is partially dismantled waiting for some fixing, malissa's bike is partially dismantled waiting for me to finish a job, i have my uncles GPX in there which i'm just about to start getting roadworthy and theres my HQ coupe long term project car and a couple of mountain bikes to boot..... but i feel painfully inadequete compared to brucey there :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I just got myself a torque wrench - but I've already run out of things to torque :( .
  5. Absolule chaos in my shed boxes every where and tools not in order yet , bikes blocking the door,so have to be moved every time the garage door is opened we have
    just moved in 2 weeks ago and the TT250 (partners) just been pulled down and engine done up this past week ,now he wants to do the stem seals and rings on mine ,i have a NEW TIP for anyone trying to change piston seals

    go in the kitchen when the Mrs aint watching
    and get the apple corer
    get some of her fencing tie wire and pliers and wire it closed

    to the size you need for the bore

    then call mrs to come and help flip the C 1/2 clips and the old Seal out While you push down with ALL your strength
    when you are 1/2 way through doing the parts changes

    the Missuz then says

    AHERM ExcusAme MR smarty farty Pantz :shock:

    thiz A don t A look A like A no bloody apple core :p
  6. Dire necessity is the Mother of invention/adaption!! :grin:

    Many a tool has been adapted to do things far beyond it's original "design brief" ... thank goodness :grin: :grin:
  7. My "shed/garage" sounds similar to Bruceys equipment-wise .. lathes, drills, cutoff saw/power hacksaw,bandsaw, grinders, gas & arc welding equip .. etc etc
    (Haven't got a mill ...... yet :? )
    Can do/make pretty much anything I want/need in there.

    Currently got the motor outta the Eliminator stripped down after "popping" a head gasket on a long, hot, rather spirited ride. Turns out the radiator cap failed to hold pressure and allowed the coolant to squeeze past the cap into the coolant reservoir and out the overflow hose.

    Plan to have the "Eli" back on the road by the weekend if all goes well.
    There's also a complete spare bike in there too awaiting a decision re it's fate as in wreck/rat/restore.

    Lots of other projects under the heading of "works-in-progress", a spray booth for my tentative airbrushing exploits, a woodturning/machining area with lathe to suit, an area set aside for the construction of my Cybot robot kits/electronics stuff .. plus the mandatory couch,telly,stereo,fridge etc. A veritable "home-away-from-home" as it should be :grin: :grin:
    Ohhhh .. and all watched over by a very protective dawgie and a tricky whizzbang alarm/security system ... hehehe
  8. how could i possibly follow up the original post? :p

    i do standard maintenance on my bike and car... yay

    my future plan is to do a full rebuild on probably a bike first, then a car later on perhaps (or build a kit car :grin:)
  9. I've got $400 that I'm saving so I can buy a shed to do things in.
  10. I have a large hammer and a crowbar...I thought that was all one needed?
  11. Oh...and a roll of black electrical tape of course!
  12. Nice topic - keen to see what the other compulsive fiddlers have done. My bike is slightly shed-modified, but the performance mods aren't dodgy nor the style contemporary GP so I don't think it qualifies.
  13. I don't have a shed........ but i can go to work and use the workshop whenever i like. :)
  14. There are too many bikes in the shed to work on them... if they are all in that makes my 3 bikes plus jodz' GPX250 plus the XT250 plus the little 110cc trail bike.
  15. nah just WD-40 and duct tape... all else is just for show :LOL:
  16. sniff a crashed Hornet sniff
  17. Another brake lever for Cheng's Across....
    (driveway drop)

  18. hahahahhaaaa :LOL: the joys of teaching the other half how to ride :LOL: much cheaper and easier to just let her ride pillion huh :roll: but you have to give it a crack i guess :p :p
  19. I have the toolkit that comes with the bike under the seat :LOL:

  20. Umm i got a 9 1/2 ft tinnie which looks like it tackled a mack truck :p (nah not really she was just used to pull supplies down a very low murray and hit quite a few logs front on, on the way :p )
    a pool table with "custom character" (in other words just like the one in the castle)
    MY gippie, a suzi TS185 old school thing thats death on wheels, a mini bike(currently 4speed 50cc 4stroke), a pocket/monkey bike(2 stoke single gear, tiny thing), a GPz750 (needs head gasket and starter motor)

    oh and my underwater lights that need to be rebuilt (i love spear fishing at night)

    The mini bike is getting a 50cc homemade rotary engine for it, if it works ok we're gonna build a little chopper and make one for that too...