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What's going on here???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, May 6, 2008.

  1. Driving to work through Berrima this morning, I came upon this in the car park of a local Hotel! Spotting the bikes (there was a CBR-600 there as well) I couldn't resist stopping and asking what was happening. It was obviously a film shoot of some sort, "For a motorcycle commercial?", I asked.

    "No, for an insurance company", was the reply.

    "Who, Western QBE?", I asked.

    "No, Samsung Electronics in Korea", was the reply!!!!!!!!!

    That would explain the number of Koreans and the catering truck full of kimchi, I guess :LOL:



    {I know it's not a bike, but this desirable device was parked in the sidestreet, and I couldn't resist it :).}


  2. This raises a number of questions:

    1. What on earth has Samsung Electronics got to do with bikes?
    2. Why are they coming all the way from Korea to Australia (in winter!) to film an advert?
    3. How good is your job Paul, where you can comfortably stop on the way to work to engage Korean advetising-types in casual conversation?

    NR demands answers! Set off nice and early tommorrow so you can get the full story :)
  3. I was similarly intrigued. Having been to Korea, I can assure you that there are plenty of breathtaking sites in which they could film commercials.

    And if the insurance is a general product (perhaps for employees only, they do have one or two :LOL:) then what do two motorcycles have to do with it?

    Sadly, they were packed up and gone when I came through this afternoon, so the rest must remain a mystery.

    As to the Hornet's movements, I travel up to the Southern Highlands on Mondays and Tuesdays every week with my daughter. She teaches at Berrima Public School, which was where we were heading when the above was spotted, and I work at a Behaviour School at Mittagong, a few kays up the road. Since all this happened at around 7:30 in the morning, and I have to be at work at 8:30, I had plenty of time to interrogate the suspects :LOL:!

    On a side note, who is able to identify what is WRONG with the Porsche???
  4. It doesn't have my bum in the driver's seat?
  5. ahh the Alpaca Centre :grin:

    just up and across the road i hear the pies are quite good, oh and the beer and open fie help :eek:

    lovely spot Berrima, my old local
  6. The pies are magnificent, their lamb pie is to die for.....

    {Not quite sure what alpaca tastes like, probably chicken :rofl:)
  7. Not only is it left-hand-drive, but it's a plastic replica one.
    I base this on:
    - the late model wheels
    - the horrendously out-of-place pedals
    - the lack of chrome trim
    - the bumpers
    - the headlights
    - I like the way there is obviously a radio (antenna) but it is nowhere
    to be seen (keeps the original '50s dashboard look). Now if only they'd done
    the same with the wheel rims and pedals...
  8. indeed, the Boxter wheels are a bit of a giveaway....

    still wouldn't mind itin my driveway.
  9. The keys are in the ignition?
  10. cool pics!

    pity the pipe on that ducati wasn't as clean as it should have been.

    that guy in the background, far right, staring right into camera, in pic 2, looks awfully familiar, though...
  11. Nothing wrong with left-hand-drive!! I'd pick it over right hand drive any day! Even in Australia... :cool:
  12. ...and here I was thinking it was the Queensland plates...