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What's for Sunday Lunch today?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. With the weather cold and gloomy in Melb today, I'm guessing most of us are staying indoors. We got the kids coming over for lunch today ( an early Birthday celebration for me ). I'm sitting here taking in the smell of a huge boneless leg of Pork cooking in the oven. :) Damn it smells great!
    These days we usually don't go to much trouble with sunday lunch.
    A roast lunch was something I look forward to as a kid, and something Cindy ( my better half ) used to cook every Sunday when the kids were kids.
    Anyone remember waking up on a Sun Morning to the smell of Mum's Roast ?
    Anyway... what is everyone else having for lunch today.
    ( you can tell I'm bored eh :p )

  2. lol good topic, stuck at work, and for once there is a shitload of food left over from anzac day. so it will be meat pies, potato pies, sausage rolls and mushy peas, all with obscene amounts of tomato sauce.
  3. It can be a good thing overdoing the food at get-togethers .. there is always enough to pig out on days after :LOL:
  4. 2 toasted ham & cheese sandwiches courtesy of George Foreman then it's off to work for 4 hours.

    I don't do left overs.........YUK!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Brunswick st falafel for mwah

    Well, :-k like George, you got the bald thing and gut going on there Vic. And you both occassionally get to hit people for a living :blackeye: cept he gets paid a sheeetload more to do it :LOL:
    Years ago I saw him at Myer Ringwood "promoting" that farcicle thing. People were queing up to get their pic taken with him, :shock: while he punched them.
    10 bucks for a jab :cheeky: 20 bucks for a T.K.O. :blackeye:
    I recall thinking to myself, :-s 50 bucks for that, if ya put a brick paver under under a standard toaster/griller and would do the same goddam thing :?
  6. Sorry mate, I'm Italian we don't do the sunday roast. Very good memories of lasagna though ...
  7. My son is coming over for dinner so there is a roast pork waiting to be put in the oven....complete with apple sauce and crackle of course :grin:
  8. Being Greek Easter means pigging out at my folks place today.
    Lots of goodies.
  9. I'm always the first to get into the 'crackling' YUMMY
  10. Well, the weather is magic in Brisbane, so after church we just grabbed some Hungry Jacks for half the family and Red Rooster for the other half and went to a park.

    The girls are watching a movie at the moment, so I think I might go for a short ride...

  11. Ahhhh, it's Greek easter? That explains all teh older Greek ladies buying flowers this morning.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. after emergency oral surgery on thursday, all i can have is icecream :(
  13. Huh? How can you lick icecream with out a tongue? :p
  14. :cheeky:
    they left it in, its the piece of jaw that they decided to keep.
  15. Orthodox Easter actually - I'm not Greek and my family are also celebrating Easter today.

    One of our traditions is to tap the top of our painted eggs against somebody else's - last uncracked egg is the winner. Do the Greeks do that?
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Yes they do.