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Whats for dinner?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Whats on the menu for dinner???

    Tonight Im hungry and spent alot of my ride today deciding on dinner;

    Roast pork with macadamia and sage stuffing with roasted pears cooked in the BBQ with a side dish of roasted vegies. Its the bomb!

    Beats vegemite on toast, 2 min noodles and baked beans :D
  2. :shock: Did you cook all that before you went out???

    We had daughter and grandson over, so it was down to the local Thai takeaway for their fabulous Penang Chicken...
  3. Nope in the process of eating it now.
  4. Lentil and chorizo soup.

    I feel so healthy. :(
  5. sounds yummo, I had bruscetta, and bought chilli prawns from local thai place.
  6. Red wine and depends if I CBF cooking
  7. Pizza from the local pizza shop run by a bunch of lebs - so goooood.
  8. the benefits of still living at home... the birthgiver (new term ive discovered) cooked some thai chickeny stuff... thanks! :)
  9. Scrap that. Nandos is the go now. Boo-yeah!
  10. Last night the wife cooked T bone steaks, potatoe, various vegetables and black pudding.

    Tonight we'll be having whatever she cooks tonight.
  11. home made stew, home made dumplings, the smell gets you soon as you walk in the house ... top stuff for a cold Melbourne night.
  12. Last night I did prawn tacos, night before was roast lamb shanks in white wine stuffed with herb butter (my favorite), haven't decided what I'm making tonight. Probably should do something with the pork chops I've got. Maybe with a beetroot relish.
  13. Awww I have not eaten anything since Sunday. Blew my back out and been on heavy pain killers and anti inflamitries.
    cant eat when I am on them. everything tastes like shoite and stops going down at the back of my neck.
    So so hungry and cant eat anything.
  14. Cigarettes, beer and poker.
  15. Best. Dinner. Ever.

    Post like this make me miss smoking :-(

    Last night I cooked a lamb rack. Mmmm.. was awesome.
  16. Friday night is homemade pasta with lots of garlic and red wine. Fettacini bolognaise. Homegrown eggs, meat, and herbs. Now I'm hungry.

    Saturday will be spit roast beef, baked potatoes, pumpkin and onions, and a few peas on the side. Buying a spit roast is the best decision I made in ages. Bunnings, $150
  17. Fish & chips and a little salad.
  18. Last night: Chicken with Apple & Walnut salad
    Tonight: Friday nights is usually “easy night” at our place so it will be whatever the hell I can be bothered getting for myself. Most likely toasted sanga's ;)
  19. Last night was raw carrots dipped in tatziki with a side of a vitawheat cracker.

    The things i do to afford motorcycling....
  20. I like this thread. Being a bit of a closet foody and all.
    Actually I am a very fussy eater. But I like to cook all things.
    There has been some pretty inspiring things, specially the beer & Winfield red lol. That's what I have been living on for a week.
    So any who all good. But I am wondering about it and thinking mmm..... pics or ban.[-(
    So as I am in the gimp mode once again and cant do anything. God I am bored.
    I am going to make chocolate lamb shanks to help wash down a few bottles of Cow Bombie Cabernet Merlot
    Chocolate lamb shanks with crispy baked potato. Roast pumpkin and asparagus seared in a Jim Barry Riesling with butter, freshly shaved Parmesan and cracked pepper.

    This is it in it's initial stage. A 4 hour bath in goodies.