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Whats faster Supra or Bussa??

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by shabby, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. What a crock of shit. Seriously, just like marty says spend money on the bus and watch it go. These comparisons are so crap. Not comparing stock vehicles with each other. Really drives me crazy these wankers that spend an absolute fortune on something and then compare it with something standard. Go back to wankville i say..
  2. I daresay a even $50k 'busa would even out of that car. But if it's all about speed with money-no-object - why don't we race it against say, a $2mil Bugatti Veyron?


    Actually even more lame are the dudes in the forum lavishing praise on the car for winning. At least one guy seems to have a little understanding about bikes.

    EDIT: full credit to the guy for making a cool car though. It's not too bling either.

    EDIT2: new title: "What's faster: fully worked supra with buckets of cash throw in or a practically stock 'busa?"
  3. good call tenoq. man i get angry when they dont compare apples with apples.
  4. hey who gave me negative karma.. lol ??
  5. any car that can beat even a stock busa deserves some respect!

    sure it's just a matter of plowing money into it, but thats what dragging is mostly about
  6. lets see him beat it from a standing start and not a rolling one
  7. wow very fast, ashame he waisted tha money on a supra =\
  8. All that & it's still got two wheels too many.

    Best mod for a car is a tow bar for track days.
  9. yeh, I'd like to see a car pull 0-100km/h in like 2.5 seconds :p
  10. cagers will never get it huh :roll:

    "yay, i beat a busa.... and i only had to spend a hundred thou to do it, i rock!" :LOL:

    and whats funnier is that they still use that as the benchmark with bikes, now if he was to beat a race prepped litrebike or a GP bike, i might be impressed :twisted: