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What's everyone doing for MotoGP this year?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dan, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. This year, there is a small chance that I may be down, at Phillip Island, on the bike, the weekend of the 16th of Oct 2005.

    As a MotoGP virgin :cry:, I wanted to know what everyone usually does for accomodation etc? Motels? Caravans? :LOL: Trackside camping with 3am burnout comps? :D :D

    Also, who among you is planning to get down this year?
  2. Hey Dan the way to do it is the trackside camping and the 3am burnout comps...:) the atmosphere is just terrific and you forge a heap of new friendships.............
  3. ahhh i'm there already...! :D 8)
  4. Hey Dan,

    I'm staying in a house at Cowes - I DON'T DO CAMPING!!!!

    Checked accom prices few weeks ago and they are sky high!!!! And not a lot available either!!!!

    Seems there migh be a few MotoGP virgins down there this year - me included!!!!
  5. Pfffft.....suuuuuure you are..... :p

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. If a few of you lot are goin and campin, me and a mate might consider going again this year. Last year there was only 2 of us and we camped in campgrounds. We were bored shitless by ourselves and was rather dissappointing.
    I reckon with a group of 10+, setup tents in a circle, campfire in middle and everyone talkin and havin a few drinks it would be a ball.
  7. Sounds like our campsite but there are about 25 of us and we are always down along the fence. Might have to get some more netrider stickers from steve and stick them around the site so people know where to come and say hi :D

    or just find the group wearing the hawaaian shirts and ask for Deb :D
  8. Maybe we need a flag, I have one of these real good ones that stick in the ground, you see them outside dealers there about 10' high.
    Or maybe some corflute signs will do the trick.
  9. I cant get there . Im being dragged to the alter then off touring tassie on the bike for 2 weeks . I could ask her to postphone it but i dont like my chances.
  10. Btw, when do the tickets normally go on-sale?
  11. It appears that you can buy them from July 1, according to the GP website www.grandprix.com.au

    Interesting bit of news. There's a new hospitality suite that will be set up on Turn 12, just before pit entry. That's a popular spot for the lads, who I reckon will be pissed off that their favorite spot's being stolen.
  12. Oops. That should read "after" Pity entry.
  13. Wassatickycost?
  14. i'll be camping trackside drinking myself stupid, in between drinks i may watch some of the racing :LOL:
  15. Foxtel is my friend :)
  16. I am planning on going down but I'm not a friend of camping. Having spent two years in the Army when I was younger I vowed never to go camping again, and, dammit, I have kept my promise.

    I AM interested in sharing a house if people are planning on doing that. A lot of my mates from Canberra Road Racing Club used to do that each year and they had a great time, and that's an attractive idea if anyone is interested.
  17. Well I've never been to Phillip Island before. Me and my mate are seriously thinking about doing a roadtrip down to Melb to watch the GP. Is anyone else from Adelaide planning on doing the same? If ya are maybe we could group up.

  18. Sounds like my plan...


    don't care if ANYONE else i know is there... I've camped down there on my own before and loved it. Its all what you make it. Sit on your own and be a pack boring bastards and of course it will be a disappointing experience. :wink:
  19. Best camping (just my opinion) is at the Supers....that is my fav

    MotoGP is still great, just different..and more commercial...

  20. poor you, a friend you have to pay for or it will have nothing to do with you!