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whats crackin'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by raffiki, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. well how we kiddies? been a while between drinks but now i have a new job, new bike and some spare time for riding.

    so i'm sitting here wondering whos still around from a few years ago? i see skuffles and vtrbob havent been black banned so things must still be good ;) it wont be like being a newbie all over again... i think the last time i was around here was the curry night at deyagos sweet pad :shock:

    anyway thats all i got see you kids around that traps :D

  2. And it's taken you this long to recover?
    Ate too many of Steve's suicide wings I take it. :LOL:
  3. So what's the new bike, dude?
  4. kids huh? :LOL:
  5. welcome back dood.
  6. Steve's suicide wings were sweet... i think i ate most of them :cool:

    new wheels is a black 07 gixxer 1k. bit of a step up from the old 96 zx-7r but some how i still managed to put 13,000k's on the clock in 4 months :twisted: but the bastard just eats rear tyres... no i havent been doing burnouts :p

    vic! baby! your still here?!!?! *oooh squeals with delight* and you've got a bike again?!?! good to see you made it past that dark part of your life where there was no bike :)

    everyone still make the trek down to southbank on friday arvo/nights?
  7. hahaha just looking at your myspace page (how gay am i) i see your in spazpole in ol' ballaforina, i'm currently working at rural ambulance next to ibm at the uni. come take me for a ride :)
  8. Unfortunately being the inherently lazy bastard that I am the bike's still not finished at the moment :(.
    Otherwise I'd definitely be up for a ride, especially since I work at the Uni so I go past Rural Ambulance every day anyway (look for the white Toyota MR2). How much longer you going to be working there?