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What's Boris's Contribution to Motorcycling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Last night I read the AMCN Yearbook.

    In it, Boris has a multi page spread on his take on the world of motorcycling. In it there's the expected derision of motorcycling advocates and of course, he takes pot shots a forums (presumably Netrider but he doesn't name any).

    Now, while he had some valid points, I also have to ask - what has he done to further the betterment of motorcycling? He makes a living off of the industry, but other than that, what's he actually done?

    If it's merely to sit back on his keyboard and to take pot shots at the likes of the MCCofNSW and the MRA, then really, who is he trying to fool?
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  2. Written the only page worth reading (and almost the sole Australian generated content) in AMCN.
  3. Isn't that his job? The one he is paid to do. I have far more respect for those people who go out and advocate for motorcyclists and motorcycle policy without any payment and often receive instead complaints and pot shots from people like Boris. In the end Boris' job is to make money for Jamie Packer so spicing up petty battles etc is just a sales technique.
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  4. He has made a great contribution in the field of trolling Harley owners. Respect.
  5. Isn't netrider his? Not sure that's a contribution though....

    No idea about anything else he's done.
  6. It was a tongue in cheek comment more directed at the general abysmal shiteness of AMCN (if it's a Packer rag, that explains a great deal) than defending Boris.
  7. Boris is the reason why I don't buy and read AMCN anymore.

    Unfortunate - but true........
  8. Yay, tis the season to Boris bash again. Seems like almost a year since the last one.
    *reaches for popcorn*

    This could be good
  9. P!ss poor effort I say. I read it in the supermarket, to keep up with the current state of affairs, place it back on the shelf, and merrily continue with my shopping:)
  10. +1

    Some years back I cancelled my subscription to AMCN with a letter saying that I'd renew it when they stopped using Boris as a contributor.

    So far that hasn't happened and my motorbike magazine subscription (I restrict myself to one) has been at various bike mags (other than AMCN) in the interum, currently I'm subscribing to Cycle World where articles are refreshingly Boris free :)
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  11. Boris did a lot of behind the scenes stuff in assisting of the winding back of the excessive greenslips you lot are paying up there in NSW.
    What people do behind the scenes is never seen and it makes me angry some short sighted individuals want to go on the attack over an article.
    Martin poor form mate.
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  12. Saw him in the video of the green slips protest. netrider shirt and tattoos for all to see.
  13. I'm not attacking at all, I'm simply taking my custom elsewhere as is my right as a consumer. I harbor no ill will towards AMCN or Boris, I simply intensely dislike his writing style; not the same thing as hating the individual.

    In fact I find his writing style to so annoying as to make the whole magazine reading experience painful rather than enjoyable, the literary version of fingernails scraping on a blackboard.

    And yes I can already hear people saying "well don't read that column then"... but that doesn't work for me, I'm a voracious reader and I read magazines from cover to cover and even when I tell myself not to read his stuff I end up reading it.
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhh this is going to be a long thread
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  15. I was referring to Martin who started the thread not to you GS

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  16. That's nice to know. But, its what he has done as the public face of motorcycling and the people he has slandered etc.....

    And its more than just one article BTW - in fact I would say he has written so many in the same vane.....need I go on?:-s

    Sounds like you may be in the minority Smeee:rofl:
  17. Yes let's bring up the fact the mra became do untenable no govt department wanted to deal with them and now they have become apolitical . Skeletons in closets should remain there John

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  18. yeah boris is very tiring...i dont read the magazine anymore....

    it's like websites, when you have a few dick members and mods and you dont visit as much now....
  19. Was that what you thought I was referring to? No, it wasn't.

    Boris represents an attitude that belongs in the past. Everyone is the enemy - according to him. Not the way it works these days.

    I can hear netrider as I write. Thank god I will never get to read or hear what they are saying....you are one of them, aren't you Nik?????? That explains why you are so keen to go into bat for Boris. Good on you mate.
  20. he helps angry people rattle their western safety cages with well written double speak, some good might come of it, some bad also from the selfishness of his attitudes.
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