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whats better hornet 600,Z750 or FZ6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spada stunter, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. i cant decide on what i want..i could by them now but i want to by the best
    bike shops wont let me test ride cause i on my P's
    a hornet 600
    a kawa Z750 or

    if anyone knows any bugs bout these bikes plz let me know
  2. what about kawasaki zr-7? and the monsters
  3. sorry its beteen those 3
  4. The Z750.

    Because it has a bigger engine and more power.

    Otherwise I'd go the Hornet over the Fazer, even though I love the looks of the fazer, the Hornet just seems to be totally sorted out.

    ...Except the fuel range.
  5. All together now........."Z750"... :)

    ps. only going off reviews i've read!

    i think the z750 looks the best. Also being a 750 i'd imagine it to have more power.

    though from what i've read the hornet and fz6 are also great bikes

    but i know you want the kwaka!! well i do anyways
  6. You could also through in the SV650 in naked or s version. I learnt on a 600 hornet ad found it pretty good, and then test road the fz6, i found it not really what i was after the engine was powerful . but hard for a learner, so ended up with the vtwin sv650. I think if i had been riding for 1 year the fz6 would have been nice.

    Out of all the motorbikes in the universe, those are the 3 that I have narrowed my choices down to. I love the look of them all & they're all the right height for me.

    I still have 12 months and 25 days till I'm unrestricted - i'm going to wait & see what's out in 2007.

    When are you off restrictions??
  9. LOL around the same time 13 months i think. but as soon as i get my hands on a fz6 i will loose my self in the moment
  10. OH, and as far as bugs go, the Hornet has this annoying tendency to stand on its nose when you hit the brakes.... heh heh heh


    /They're great fun, the 600s... But I'd still go the 750 because I like power. Better still, find yourself a Hornet 900, they are a shitload of hooligan fun!
  11. since the dealers won't let you test ride them, you might be better off waiting to see what's available in 2007. otherwise I guess you're going to buy second hand??

    I certainly wouldn't decide without a test ride.
  12. well well well didnt know they had 900 versions
  13. GET THE FZ6 IT ROCKS!!!!


    Or maybe I am biased?

    I rode these 3 bikes and found the FZ6 to be the best by a long shot.

    Sure the z750 looks great, but the seat position seemed odd for me and the engine seemed very slack for a 750 in MY opinion (I have ridden a 1992 cb750 and a 2003 GSXR 750 in the past).

    The hornet really needs to be updated with some modern technology but is still a very good bike for what it is.

    The FZ6 is a bit of a budget bike, and the non-adjustable suspension up front etc shows it. However I tour on it, fang it in the twisties and do the odd bit of stunting and can't fault it. The engine, while not as revvy as the R6, has most of the power above 6k or 7k rpm and has plenty of power to play with. Rolling stoppies are easy on this bike (even with the twin piston calipers up front). I have done a few relatively small power wheelies by accident, and a couple of intentional wheelies (but I still need practice perfecting them) ;)

    I love this bike! :)
  14. I think hornet600 might come on here with a bit of a biased opinion :p
  15. ya reckon??

    It's a bit academic because you're still on Ps, as Tash has pointed out, isn't it? Unless you're planning on riding 'above' your licence, with the attendant risks??

    I haven't ridden the other two, but they would have to be just terrific to be as good all round at everything as the Hornet; (mad scratches up Reefton, 1228km rides in one day, and everything in between).

    Of course, however, I'm biased.

    {The Hornet is still available in the US and Europe; http://snipurl.com/lwuc but Honda Australia is showing no inclination to re-introduce it here, sniff sniff :sad:}
  16. You can get your full, unrestricted motorcycle license after 15 months of riding in VIC - and this means that if you start as a 17YO learner you can easily end up with an unrestricted license while you still have to dislpay your P plates 'til you're 21.
  17. I looked hard at the Z750 and will own one oneday...great bikes from what I've seen/read
  18. and that, my friend, is the main reason i'm waiting till 2007 before I buy..I live in hope they'll change their mind!
  19. Victorians can no longer start as a 17yo learner on motorcycles. Need to be 18 now. :(

    Oh, and of course, Z750 is the shizz. :p :LOL:
  20. The Z750 is probably the best looking of the 3 and certainly good value for money although the seat seems quite high. Just sitting on the FZ6 I found the riding position too uncomforatble to ever consider riding one, the LCD speedo AND tacho also sucks (pity 'cause it would be a good bike otherwise). Don't know much about the Hornet other than it being basically an oversized 250 (which has good and bad points).