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What's better for resale??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shaggy, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. The better half is looking at buying a bike and was wondering what is better for resale. Lower kms or a well maintained body.

    For example 2 bikes same make / year model one of them with low kms but a few minor scratches on the frame vs a bike with higher kms but in imaculate condition.

    Which do you think will hold it's resale value better?

    :?: :?:
  2. depends on who is buying, alot of l's who are uninformed will go for a great looking bike over something sound mechanically - and i point to Sumoto and how they make there business.
  3. lower km's. You can alwasy fix cosmetic damage.
  4. Lower Km's is better.

    Milage most of the time reflects the engine condition.
  5. Personally... it takes a bit more judgement than simply a clear cut "lower km's is better." Do you think the km's are legit? Does the rest of the bike LOOK & FEEL like it's done xxxx km's?

    I'd rather take a higher km's bike if it's been well maintained than a comparatively newer bike that's been abused.
  6. That's a fascinating mix of syntax in a short sentence, there shaggy.

    "the better half" closely followed by "lower kms or a well-maintained body" :LOL:
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I didn't even pick up on that one Hornet :oops:

    BTW, welcome to the madhouse Shaggy, you'll find some good sorts and advice on here.
  8. Frame damage makes it a repairable? write-off!
  9. I would rather buy a bike with high kms that has been well maintained than a bike with low kms that hasn't. If they have let the body let go, then who's to say they dont show the same lack of pride in maintenance?

    Get the bike checked out by a mechanic, they can do a compression check to get an idea of how much wear the engine has, if the owner has service history that is also a bonus.

    It's not how many kms have been done, but how they have been done! 10,000 thrashed kms is worse than 30,000 non thrashed :) Do they let the bike warm up before they take off in the morning? do they check oil regularly? you only need to let oil run low enough just once to do damage to the motor. do they use the cheap oil or the best they can get? Which bike shows that it may have been looked after the best?

    My car has done 300,000kms, but runs like a dream because whoever had it before me looked after it, and now I look after it too, you can find other cars with half the kms that run like bags of crap. Kms isn't everything.

    But you want to know which one has better resale. Well in that instance kms usually wins. but if you want a more reliable bike for yourself and your own safety, then get it checked out.
  10. Thanks for the feedback!

    We decided to go for the bike with lower kms as the scratches and things were cosmetic and the bike runs really well!

    We picked the bike up this morning and there is a very happy happy.grl in the house at the moment!

    I got to ride it home too!
  11. Give me regular maint any day. No point in buying on low km's only. Higher k's with proof of maint, care and pride would get me over the line in most cases. Most damage can be fixed. You can always bargin on higher k units too.