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What's best to wear under bike gear??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brisguy, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I'm new to riding motorbikes, and just wondering what guys have found to be best underneath the gear? I wear jocks normally but find they cut in after a while on the bike. i tried boxers but find that my boys will move around too much (slapping the seat over bumps). need some opinions!!

  2. I wear fishnet stockings over pantyhose, it's a pity draggin don't make kevlar fishnets.
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  3. I just wear normal clothes. Regular briefs (coloured depending on my mood!), Draggin jeans or Leather/kevlar pants, shirt, then leather jacket. I am a bit of a rebel as I refuse to wear a singlet under my shirt to prevent chaffing nipples!

    Seriously though, never a problem with this garb!
  4. For longer trips padded lycra push bike shorts work well, for shorter trips it's never been that much of an issue but then I tend to ride bikes with comfortable suspension not sports bikes that shake your junk when you ride over a bump on the road.
  5. Not a guy so no junk :p but I wear skins the shorts and t-shirt variety are good to get out of gear after a hot day and coz they finish lower down then jocks might stop the cutting in. I already had them though for sport they're a little on the expensive side so the Lycra shorts would prob work the same.
  6. I wear boxers under my jeans/ cargos/ leathers, and ride a sportsbike. I think you need to harden up and learn to enjoy these finer points of motorcycling.

    Sometimes when having a "crack" while wearing the cargo's I get a touch of nut flap against the tank whilst leaning off the bike going around left handers.. So I tend to go for the leathers or the jeans for those types of rides.

    The compression type of undergarments are good to I suppose. (I wear 'em on the chookchaser)
  7. a hoary old chestnut

    anyone (guy) who rides any distance in normal jocks and Draggins or the like and says he ISN'T getting chafed on the inner legs by the Kevlar, is lying.

    the answer is either lycra pushbike shorts (added advantage of padding the posterior on longer rides) or just lycra skins or pants.
  8. Normal old boxers work for me (no chaffing either)?
  9. I just wear jocks and under the draggin jeans or leathers (except in winter then it's thermals) and never ever had an issue with chaffing. Up top I wear a T Shirt (except in winter then it's thermals and a light jumper).

    I do know a lot of blokes (and girls for that matter) who do get chaffing. They swear by 'Skins' or similar sports/compression under garments.
  10. Oh dear, it appears that I agree with Mick again. Bloody multiple personalities :D.

    I wonder what motorcyclists did before all this fancy hi-tech clothing became widely available?

    Oh yeah. I remember now. We HTFU, didn't whinge that our boy bits got a bit constricted from time to time and still put in long days in the saddle.
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    T shirt, undies and boardshorts if its hot so I can strip the leathers off when I stop (or go for a swim). Sexy long johns when its cold with a windproof fleece under my jacket.
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  12. Its about now in this thread I'm happy to be a chick!!!

    and ahh skins here too, weather permitting 45 jumpers and wool skivvy....I'm bringing them back...wiggles style, weather too hot, just singlet and leather pants...but those high waisted leathers they make for women are not that flattering thats for sure.
  13. i've tried cycling nix under jeans for pillioning on the back of a cbr600rr and they are magical compared to wearing normal briefs under jeans.. (for those who have tried pillioning on the back of a sports bike you would know the feeling..)

    compression shorts also work well for longer rides and i would recommend them over briefs (mine tend to roll up and contribute to blood circulation issues which happens anyway after sitting on the bike for hours). not so much for the compression (which its effect is negligent) but for comfort.
  14. Seriously get yourself a pair of the cycling Lycra shorts with the padding, you'll never worry about downstairs again.
  15. .....I usually wear a pair of Lycra shorts!....helps to get the leathers on and off easily!...:-s
  16. So does a crowbar.... :rofl:
  17. +1 for shorts (the underwear variety)

    no chafe with leathers. damn comfy.