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Whats best? Less km's OR Newer model?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by yindypink, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I was after some informed advice as to what everyone might recommend when buying a bike. Is an older bike with less km's better than a newer model with more km's? If this has been done before please redirect me but some genuine advice would be appreciated. :)

  2. Remember that bike odometer goes to 99,999 which means old bikes like CBR250RRs may have 120,000 on it, not 20,000.
  3. Either one has it's disadvantages. Mileage causes wear on mechanical components, but age can cause corrosion and damage to other parts of the bike, especially if it's been sitting for a very long time.
    Mechanical stuff is often easier/cheaper to get fixed professionally - age related stuff is usually easier/cheaper to do yourself (ie is time consuming so you don't want to be paying a mechanic by the hour for it).
    As pointed out the older the bike the less certain you can be about its past history or the accuracy of the odometer. So unless it's something which you can't get a newer model of, I'd be inclined to go for the one with higher kms - if, and only if, it has a good service history of course.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses. All valuable info. Any more opinions welcome :)
  5. Short answer is, typically both. But not everybody's budget allows for this ;)

    I would assess the bike more on it's 'condition' which takes into consideration age and usage. A 10yo bike may be in close to showroom condition with minimal kms and still be cheap. Mechanical condition is probably the most important aspect for me.
  6. Depends how the bike was treated. If its been looked after it could be 10 years old with 150,000km and be in better condition than a 5 year old bike with 50,000kms thats been neglected. Its all very subjective and there is no straight down the line answer.
  7. +1

    Look at the owner as much as the bike.
  8. +1

    My ideal is one which is a few years old and say 20,000km odo. Also 1 owner and good service history. No accidents of course. If its more km then hope that its been done mostly on freeways.

    That way you get real good depreciation, bike is still in good nic.

    Otherwise in my opinion it starts becoming a grey area whether or not the bike's engine and parts are still in good condition.