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What's been done to your bike today?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hornet, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Washed it after a frustrating ride..

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  2. Nothing because yesterday I popped a spark plug on the old road and now I'm looking for a place to do a helicoil
  3. Exactly he same as me, wanted to go for a few laps of West Head/McCarrs Creek and the place was thick with Cyclists and Cars travelling at 30KPH in the 60 KMH zone.

    Bike got its first wash in two months.
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  4. Bugga, what sorta bike was this?
  5. Took the cover off, then rode it to work :( No particularly special attention for Moses today.

    (Why "Moses" you ask? Because white FJR's seem to part traffic in front of them for some strange reason...)

    But I do intend to start shopping for a new rain suit this afternoon! Woo hoo!
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  6. I'm on lunch in 45 minutes, I brought my bike shine to work, Ill go down at lunch and take some pics of the bike for you and post motorcycle p0rn. :p
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  7. Walked past it....again. :grumpy:
  8. > Took cover off
    > Turned on bike
    > Warmed bike up for 5 minutes
    > Walked backwards with bike
    > Turned bike around
    > Rode to work
    > Parked bike at work
    > Turned bike off
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  9. I have uploaded an image to the gallery for you - stand by for approval.
  10. Rode it to work. When I finish work I will ride it home again. Depending on the time I finish, the ride home might take 15 minutes or it could 1 hour.
  11. Its a zzr 250. I hate not being able to ride
  12. Turned bike on
    Let it warm up
    Rode down to the mechanic
    Gave it to him so that it can be serviced
    It's her first service since I got her about 6 weeks ago, and the first time the valves will be checked in about 10 years according to the previous owner...
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  13. I was asking for it I suppose, I should of said any little thing mechanical. Being a diesel fitter that sort of thing interests me, your micro blogs on taking your bike cover off, putting fuel in it etc although hilarious wasn't what I intended this thread for. Thanks for the contribution though :)

  14. Well, this I suppose is closer to technology than technical - but I am considering buying a dynojet "Power Vision" for my Harley Davidson.
    Its kinda like a personal dyno. :)

    Basically you plug it in and go ride for 20 minutes, it maps your fuel and air and all that bollox and creates you a new map and then flashes your ECU.
    Do this a couple of times and it will tune your bike for your parts. Seems pretty cool.

    Also - You can store multiple tunes, eg: Original tune, one for summer, one for winter, one for track.
    and flash on the fly.
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  15. I see... my son had a grey import zzr250, 4 cylinder. I put a new set of rings in it for him. May be worth doing the same when you pull the heads to do the helicoil.
  16. I use a powervisio, great little unit... you may not remember, but we chatted about it recently..
  17. valves checked for what? what bike?
  18. I do remember, you have changed your DP since then so that's why I didn't realise at first. My bad!

    I think ill ask my missus to get me one for christmas - I feel bad being like "This is what I want for Christmas" it takes away all surprise. :p
  19. I adjusted my chain yesterday. Hardcore.
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  20. beats just taking your cover off ;)
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