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Whats a midlife crisis?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Feb 9, 2006.

  2. Starts at birth, ends with death.
  3. Saab Convertible?
  4. no no no
    a porsche boxster :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    enough to to make look stylish and make you feel young again
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. It's what boring, jealous people call it when somebody makes a positive change in their life and starts doing things they enjoy instead of spending all their days fulfilling society's obligations.
  6. Absofu**inlutly :cool:
  7. Smee's having a midlife crisis eh... this explains much ;)
  8. It often involves a younger woman, or for many of us thoughts and images of a younger woman.
  9. Whatever it is, I've arrived too late :LOL:
  10. Lots of things involve the thoughts and images of young women for me. And they're very nice thoughts and images too. Boobies anyone? Where's the daily boobs thread gone?
  11. A midlife crisis is one of the following 3 things,
    -Fast or Cool Bike/Car
    -Quitting your job to persue a hobby
    -Big Tits

    The end
  12. And you wonder why old men end up with green thumb and an obsession with growing orchids!
  13. Is it a huge build up of emotions over 30 years of being married to the same woman? or do they just SNAP !
  14. When you are old enough, you will know, young one...
  15. It's when you come to the realisation that life should be enjoyable, and money is not everything. Usually however, the people who come to this realisation have enough money to say screw your job etc, so it's kind of a hipocritical sort of a revolt. It's also associated with people vainly trying to recapture their youth, or some stage of their lives they think they didn't have a big enough go at.
    I'm sort of old enough to have one, but I never fell into the work hard chasing money, I've always been about jobs I enjoy!
    My bike could sort of be a mid life crisis, but I dunno yet, I've always had different sort of vehicles to everyone else.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. For me its the realisation that you had better bloody well start doing all those things you always said you were gonna do, cos soon you will be too old to do any of em.
  17. its where you sell the commodore wagon ... buy a sport bike ....... ditch the overweight old dragon you have been marries to for 20 + years ... and get a cute 25 y/o seat cover 4 the back of ya new fireblade / zx10
  18. Its when you end up with a shed full of all different style bikes, start dragging them all over the world to ride them, paid your house off, end up single & can't be bothered working any overtime -unless there is some sort of incentive to get more time off.
    All thoughts of holidays revolve around where you're going riding & how to extract a couple more weeks off out of your employer.
    Hang on a minute -that sounds suspiciously like me. Can't be true then. I'm not old enough for that. Am I?