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What's a maintenance?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by D3athT0uch666, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I am about to book my P's test on my Kymco Pulsar 125 and as soon as I get my P's I am getting a real bike. I'll be riding it almost everyday for ATLEAST 30 minutes. Just wondering, what maintenance should I be doing, how often and how do I do it? (Sorry, a bit of a noob) The bike I am looking at getting is a Ninja 650RL. I would like to atleast attempt a few of the easier things they do for services but anything too hard I want to take in. Thanks in advance :)

    PS: Don't let me name scare you ;)

  2. Check your oil and tyres weekly.
    Check your chain and lube every 500 km.
    Check brake pads and clutch adjustment every 5,000km.
    Just what I would do.
    My son has a ER6. They have a great motor.
  3. + check air pressure in tyres every time you fuel up, or once a week.
  4. It is reasonable for people to want to do a bit for themselves.
    Chain adjustment
    Learn how the adjustment works for brakes, clutch.
    Oil changes, oil filter and air filter.
    This should all be in the manual for the bike. Take it with a "grain of salt" though. Smaller engines often benefit from oil change intervals smaller than the book may suggest.
  5. The bike will come with a owner's manual which should provide a maintenance schedule.

    Learn to do as much as you can yourself.
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  6. buy a workshop manual
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  7. While not regular maintenance as such, heard from a Grey Nomad a mnemonic for checks before heading off each day when out in the back of beyond - POWER. This translates as:

  8. In addition to the above items. The Kawa 650 is a vibey parallel twin so it's worth checking nuts and bolts are all in place and torqued correctly.
    I used to check my Er6 once every couple of months and my M109R (very vibey V-Twin) once every couple of weeks.
    Something was always working itself loose on that beast.
  9. Loctite is your friend on the non-engine bolts, screws. Things would fall off my XT, and on the SRX without it.
  10. This ^,

    Combined with this;

  11. Thanks heaps guys. I would also like to know what are the best aftermarket things for performance, looks and a bit of touring?? I was thinking about getting higher gearing, aftermarket full exhaust system, a "thingy" to keep the throttle on the same speed, like a "cruise control", new ECu, air filter, cat converter ect.
  12. Hopefully I get my new baby soon :)
  13. higher gearing : go +1 tooth on the front sprocket
    Full exhaust : just get a slip on muffler which is 1/4 weight of the original.
    Cruise control : Onmi-Cruise
    Fuel management : Dynojet PowerCommnaderV (PCV)
    O2 sensor tuning (no dyno tuning needed) : Dynojet AutoTune 200
    Air filter : BMC (not the race version)
  14. Yeh that's a good way to remember it.
  15. Thanks heaps man