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Whats a good way for a unskilled young person to make money?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ShadowGT, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I don't know where else or who else to ask this to.

    Long story short as i don't want to go into detail about my sucky sob story of a life, I'm 21, a school leaver, stuck at home living with parents & have no job.

    I've been trying to save up money to buy my first bike a CBR250RR (had about $1400 saved a few weeks ago till my PC Shat itself big time & I needed to buy a new one so i now have $800) but i'm struggling with no job & my only form of income (centerlink payments) is often gone by time i get it.

    I've tried absolutely everywhere to get work i'm even starting a Tafe Course in IT to hopefully get some work in the industry but i have my doubts about it as i did a previous IT course that got me no work whatsoever. I did have a member on here try to help me get some work but sadly couldn't (thanks again Gurbachen) I don't know what else to do. Me having Depression & anxiety also doesn't exactly help me either in job hunting.

    anyway surely there must be people on here that know good beginner jobs that arnt to picky in who they hire or something, part time, full time ill take anything i've been out of work for almost 3 years which for someone my age isnt good. I'm not asking for a hand out or anything though i wouldn't turn one down if someone was looking for workers i just don't know what to do anymore. any help would be appreciated.
  2. "Do you want fries with that?"

    Alright, I shouldn't take the pi1ss because I'm nearly 50 and in a situation that's not so very different. I really need to get off my arse and make an effort.

    ... fugget! That gives me the right.

    Shave your legs, head up the 'cross.
    Sell a kidney on fleabay.
    Hand over to your #2 and freeze yourself for 40 years - come back and assume ownership of Starbucks.


    To: billg@micro$oft.com

    Hello Dad!

  3. Get your gaming license and apply at a hotel with pokies. I've been working here for 3 years, started with 3 years hospitality before that but I always see hiring people with no experience. A guy I recently met got his license, applied at 3 places without experience and was offered all 3.

    Much better cash than just a bar job, more interesting too.
  4. Yardie ( car washer ) at a car dealer. Plenty of top salespeople and even dealer owners have started with a hose in one hand and a chamois in the other. Hard work, but you can take home $1000 a week.

    Hospitality industry. Gives you a great retail grounding and can open doors into many other industries. Usually poor $$$, but I used to always try to hire sales people with no sales experience as such, but hospitality experience. A couple of my guys were making $100k within a year or so of coming on board ( selling cars ).

    Call centre. Mind-numbing boring, but it's got to be better than sitting on the couch, hey ?

    Service station console operator.

    Council worker.
  5. become a drug d

    err tester

    EDIT: oh man get an rca and rcg and go work at a sports club or something then work your way up to a bartender. beats the living shit out of a call centre, absolute last resort and only if you have to.
  6. Go the gaming licence or try to get night shift work for the short term.

    If IT is your passion don't give up on it, the tafe courses cant get you a foot in the door, the rest is up to you. After doing a dip of IT at tafe I walked into a 50k per year job, now I'm getting a 6 figure sum.

    if you are still enrolled in tafe they should have free couselling services available - jump onto that too
  7. Move to Perth and work in a mine.


    Teach yourself a skill that you can use to get a job.
  8. get a forklift licence.....the company I work for even the low level shit kickers take home $70-$80k/yr with overtime.
  9. Forklift licence isn't a bad idea.

    I worked as a factory hand when I left school because I was bored shit less during the day, it was hard work but there are harder jobs out there, I couldn't see myself doing it for 40yrs+ though but the money was pretty good.

    I still can't believe I worked at McDonalds, when I first started I was 15 and used to get paid $6.57 an hour and got no where financially.
  10. Become a skilled young person. Which it sounds like you're trying to do with the IT course, and if that interests you, I would pursue higher education. Being a school leaver isn't a barrier to higher education.

    Seriously though get the following tickets-
    OH&S white card
    Traffic control

    Then go ring up all the labour hire companies in melbourne, and register.


    idk what melbourne job market is like, but in the ACT I had endless work opportunities by registering through labour hire, with no tickets to my name.

    Also definitely get RSA & RCG.
  11. RSA and RCG will get you jobs pretty quickly...not so much as a bartender, but you can be bus boy/order taker or just work at a gaming venue. Pay will probably won't as good, but you'll get some income coming in. Night fill at Bunnings/Coles/Safeway are also good, work at night study by day.

    I used to work at Maccas, which got me a job at Melbourne Racing Club while I was at uni. MRC wanted me to study event management since I was capable but I didn't like the industry at the time so turned it down due to better job placement after uni. I also worked at Lombard party store...retail experience/money handling/communication and not a bad place to work until you get nasty customers.

    Put your resume out there and get a casual job. Study and work is hard, but can pay off in the end.
  12. You could approach special schools about doing casual work as an assistant or otherwise an abattoir is a good bet for finding work. Delivering pizzas can be an option if your folks will lend you a car to get you out of the house. Cleaning windows, wasing cars, stacking shelves, flipping burgers, servo attendant etc are all good options. If you have a hobby that can open doors for example people who know their shit about fishing have a good shot at openings in tackle/camping stores.

    In addition to the tickets mentioned above, a Heavy Vehicle licence can also open opportunities if you like driving, as can Aust Swim if you like being in the pool.

    Coming from a man who has been changing nappies for other peoples school aged kids for over a decade..... There's always work out there, the trick is being willing to do what other people don't want to do, when it has to be done. :)
  13. Great attitude, the hardest thing is getting stuck in a habit. Good luck, the most important thing for you now would be to build up your work history.
  14. Fukn internet; had a long reply all typed up but lost it trying to preview it.

    Summary; recuirtment / temp companys.

    Here's the one I used for 3.5years while in Uni.


    There are many like them, I went in totally unskilled and was pulling $26/hr 25-35 hours a week night shift while doing full time electrical engineering at uni during the day. The average wages for most jobs with that company at the time (2005-2008) was $18/hour.

    Good luck.
  15. try people co in ferntreegully $20 an hour but have plenty of work
  16. 3yrs is a long time to be unemployed.

    night shift would be the way to go. study during the day. it'll suck, but if you are determined it will be worth.

    i think i may look into getting a forklift license just for the hell of it...
  17. Well, my advice would be to consider what you like or what your passion is. It's fine to just get work and the advice here on how to do that has been good. But make sure you have a goal and plan that gets you to where you want to be.

    If you are passionate about riding then how about something related to that? It might be working in a shop just cleaning or training to be a mechanic. Just try and get anything associated with whatever it is that turns you on.

    You mentioned some issues with anxiety and depression. Have you considered working in those areas to assist others, which might also help you? If you have an interest in social work why not volunteer at a non-profit? If you can find a win-win situation where you help them out, then they will help you out as well by providing experience and contacts. They will also be more likely to understand how anxiety and depression effect people and be willing to work with you on that.

    You mentioned IT and I can tell you there are non-profits in Melb who really need those skills. Give InfoExchange a call if you want to blend an interest in IT and social work.

    If you have the ability, volunteering can be a great way to break in to the workplace. I work for an IT group that helps young people do that all the time.

    Good luck, I know it must be tough. Let us know how you go.
  18. Casual agencies have work, not all jobs are great jobs, but it's an income, 4 of my storespeople have become permanent employees after starting with us as casual labour.

    Be honest with you, if somebody came to my door looking for work and hadn't been employed for 3 yrs, my alarm bells would begin ringing. There is work out there.
  19. What the hell have you done for three years?
  20. This. I am the laziest fucker I know, also mostly unskilled, but I can't imagine how you managed to go that long. I get the depression part too, as it sometimes contributes to my laziness (and then there's guilt over the laziness, which feeds the dog some more...).

    BUT! If you're doing the Certificate IV TAFE course in I.T., you'll soon enough have a qualification that people do actually recognise. I can say this because I convinced Mrs K to do the same course about 10 years ago, and she's been working happily in the trade ever since. And in the same comfy government job, no-less.

    Bottom-line is though: you need to want this bad enough to make it happen.