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What's a good tail pack for sports bike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by phedus, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I really want to get a tail pack for my 2006 cbr600rr.

    I need to be waterproof and be able to fit a 15" laptop in it laying down.

    This is purely so I don't have to wear a backpack to work - the bridges I cross are pretty high and windy and the bag catches a fair bit of it, not to mention the awesome sweat patch.

    would prefer not to get a ventura rack but if its the best I will

    all comments welcome as always


  2. I've got a ventura tail bag (not the rack kind) that attaches nicely via 4 clips on a peice of fabric that you leave attached to the seat.

    It should fit the laptop and although I think it did come with a rain cover I've never had any of its contents wet even without it. I should add though that I normally only use this going to work which takes only 20mins so if longer some water may get through.
  3. this one

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  5. Kreiga tail pack
  6. cool - you used one?
  7. Its great for holding your credit cards
  8. Or pieces of string.
  9. Yes - works well as a commuting setup - absorbs laptop and other work stuff into a form that is useful in the office.....most of the other tailbags are a PITA once they are off the bike.
  10. this made me chuckle
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  12. kriegas are actually quite good at keeping beer cold too
  13. I have the Oxford X30 tailpack and it's been excellent. It hasn't leaked even in some fierce downpours (and that's without even using the included extra weather cover). Recommend.
  14. Or dental floss...
  15. G'day everyone,...

    Are'nt you concerned about your laptop getting damaged from vibration attached to your bike?

    Dr Who?
  16. This sounds like the Ventura Imola bag. I have one and it is handy. Alas not very waterproof and does not come with a raincover, unlike a motodry tank bag I have. Also, it would not fit a laptop. Also lacks pockets, and in retrospect would probably get something different.