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What's a good gps navigation set to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by stoker76, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Can anyone advise of a good gps navigator for my Wee Strom?
    I mainly ride on tar, sometimes taking dirt tracks.
    The Garmin Zumo seems great, but is expensive in my opinion.
    I have also heard that the Tomtom rider wobbles itself to bits when offroad riding is done.

    I do want something that I can punch in an address, and it'll tell me how to get there. I don't need to it to speak to me, but as long as its clear to see that the turns coming up etc would be good.
    I have just bought the Nolan n102 helmet, which i could use with a speaking gps set, but I bought the helmet more for the flip face option along with its overall potential for accessories. I.E. bluetooth, ipod etc



  2. Far less distracting if the thing speaks to you through your helmet speakers.

    I have a Nokia N95 8G with tomtom installed and I use a BT Sat receiver. Used it tonight, punched in the destination and it got me there with voice guidance through the scala rider.
  3. I have the Zumo 550 and I swear by it. The only time it tends to get directions wrong is when you are in new areas that aren't up to date in the database. Updating it though is just a matter of plugging it into the computer through USB and downloading updates off the net.

    I know its not cheap but last time I checked on the Garmin website there were 400, 450 and 500 models. These all seemed to be similar but had fewer and fewer features the cheaper they were. Whether or not they are a discontinued line or not I'm not sure but do a search for them and you might find some still around for cheap if this is the case.
  4. When I read a review on both flavors of the N95 they said that you needed to buy an annual subscription in order to download and use the maps. Or that the phone downloaded the maps on the go and then you'd be paying data charges.

    Is this correct or incorrect?

    My wife wants the N95 NextG model, so we're trying to work all this out before we actually go out and buy one.
  5. Zumo 550. Includes both the bike connection kit (with wiring) and car kit. Put some helmet speakers in, a 4GB SD card loaded up with MP3's and away you go.

    If you're using ear plugs or have a pillion you may want to look at a Boostaroo to increase the audio levels.

    It will pause the MP3's when it gives you a prompt. You can find brackets to mount it on the dash (though I put it on the bar) and it's glove friendly. It's water proof (fully tested by me :), has all the normal cool things like elevation, compass, red and speed cameras, school zones, etc. Load Mapsource off the CD and plot your routes and load them on to the GPS.

    If you'd like to see one let me know (location on the left). But of course you're heading to the Inaugural Australian V-Strom owners get together http://11109.rapidforum.com/topic=107169451134 in Cobar June 7 yeah? So I'm sure you'll see a few there :)
  6. I've had a tomtom rider for about a year and done some extensive riding with it and had no problems. It's clear, concise and has all the features you'd expect.

    If you shop around you should pick up a new one for around the $800 mark.
  7. Martian,

    It does download the Nokia maps each time it needs to redraw one.
    You can set it so that if it is roaming it doesn't connect to the "internet" to download the maps. $20 gets you 500MB of downloads so there is more than enough in that to get maps to get you out of trouble.
    If you only use it to bail yourself out its fantastic.
    The annual subscription is for the Voice Navigation. I haven't bought it as I use TT. You get a 3 month trial thrown in.
    I activated it yesterday, doubt I'll use it before it expires though.

    I have a copy of TomTom Navigator on my phone that I use with a BT GPS receiver. Available off the net if you know where to look ;)

    It has the full greed cameras, school zones, many different POI's that you can turn on/off.
    A BT receiver will set you back around $90 delivered. Using the TT software the thing is completely free and if you have a scala rider, it gives you voice guidance through that.

    The wife has the N95 and loves it. I have the N95 8GB and love it more than I ever did the Dopod 838Pro.

    The Nokia actually works and does things properly. The Dopod did lots of things but it didn't do anything exceptionally well.
  8. I use a HTC 3600 with tomtom, also piped through a scala bluetooth headset, and that needs no subscription to keep going.
    I also pipe music through it and it all works fine.
  9. I've had a Tomtom Rider (v1) for a while which is about to go in for the second time for warranty issues.

    I've had never ending issues with it being unable to locate satellites - you have to carry around a pin or paperclip or the like to force a hard reset before it will pick them up. Usually one hard reset does the trick however one time I was on my way somewhere and sat beside the road for over 45 minutes resetting it in an attempt to get the bloody thing to work. I gave up. Closest I've come to throwing it at a wall. :evil: Sent it in under warranty, it came back and still is the same.

    Second issue is charging via the mount on the bike - the v2 has a different mount so it may not have the same problem. However, when wired up to the bike via the mounting cradle the damned thing only intermittently charges...was fine for a couple of months but now if you go for a 6+ hour ride, the Tomtom will stop working as the battery eventually dies from losing charge. The pin connection to the rear of the unit is woeful. They sent me a replacement cradle, but the new one works no better than the old one. From what I've read, this isn't an uncommon complaint with the v1's.

    While its working though, its brilliant! :LOL:
  10. Yeah the V1's are renowned as having problems, but the V2's seem to have it licked finally. The mount is completely different now too.
  11. TomTom
  12. Get em direct off the back of the truck for $150 a piece :LOL:
  13. Ah crap... :oops:
  14. My g/f gets em in box of 10 for $150 each. Then you re-sell for
    profit :-$

    Next order Ill keep one so I don't get lost coming over to your
    place :p

    Your mate BB101 has contacts in the industry as well but he aint
    getting em for what I get em for :LOL:
  15. tom tom

    Ive got the tom tom rider it's been great till the other day just switched off..Now it wont switch on..Sending back to tom tom this week..
  16. Re: tom tom

    Reset the unit with the little button on the underside using a paperclip. :)
  17. I have a similar setup with an IPAQ 68** and a separate IPAQ BT Receiver, but I though you can only have one active Bluetooth connection at a time (ie if the phone and receiver are active association, how can it bluetooth to another bluetooth headpiece/headset etc?
  18. Seeing how this thread was bumped, it's worth noting the Zumo 550 has dropped around $300 - $400 since the original post.
  19. I must be the only one here with a cheap, no name China brand GPS.

    I haven't had any problems with it, and it only cost $150.

    I have a piece of velcro on the GPS and another on the front fairing just below the screen, behind (but above) the speedo and tacho.
    It doesn't feel like it will shake off too easy.