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What's a good girl's bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by petrie13, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hey peoples,

    After a year and a half on my little 250, I'm finally gonna be able to ride a real bike in a month or so.
    The thing is, I really don't know all that much about bikes-cept that I love riding em. So...
    Any suggestions on a good bike for a girl? Want something comfy and not too heavy-rode my Dad's Harley and could barely touch the ground and it's so heavy I nearly dropped the thing going round corners.

    Will much appreciate the advice.

  2. What sort of riding will you be doing?
  3. ...a good girls bike... :-k... how about a malvern star dragster special, with tassles and a basket??? :p :LOL:

    If you're feet barely touched the ground on a harley, I think your options are limited.

    What did you ride and how tall are you?
  4. I live in the country, so lots of rides through the hills-good windy twisty roads. Usually don't go a lot further than 100ks at a time, but do go on the occasional longer ride-planning a trip in Tassie one of these days.
  5. Yeah, maybe could handle some tassles, and the basket would be good for my hand bag....Would go quite well with the pink jacket....

    I'm not that short! I'm 5'7, and ride a virago at the moment.
  6. Good girls don't ride bikes... err, OK, have a look at Kawasaki ER-6n (or Er-6f version with fairing). The bike is quite light, and the seat which is reasonably low to begin with is also quite narrow, which is almost as important as height when it comes to reaching the ground.
  7. Nothing wrong with riding a 250cc bike. If you want a light bike a 250 is perfect. Do you want to upgrade because you want more power?
  8. [/quote] Good girls don't ride bikes...
  9. Having a little trouble with this quote thing...

    Yeah. My bike is gutless. Barely gets up some of the hills. And it vibrates when it hits 90, so badly my hand hurts.
  10. all Suzukis, and most Kawasakis, but the girliest of them all are the Yamaha R1s!
  11. R1's look pretty awesome, but look pretty uncomfortable to ride. I've never ridden a sports bike tho, how sore do your arms get? They don't look all that comfortable leaning forward like that.
  12. What type of bike is it? Like a Yamaha Virago or something?
  13. you have it wrong, R1s are gay. they are not awesome.
    sportsbikes are comfortable if you sit on them and ride them properly. too many people buy them and wont seat themselves in the aggressive position that the bike is designed for. this is why they hurt their backs, and hurt their arms.
    when i ride, my arms are loosey goosey, and i can do 1000km a day with no problems.
  14. Yes, I ride a Yamaha Virago at the moment.

    Why are they gay?
  15. I'm a bit confused as to why gender needs to play such a large role in determining what bike you ride? All sorts of females these days are riding for all sort of reasons, therefore all sorts of bikes are being ridden.
  16. because i said so.
    no other reason necessary.
  17. thank god i'm a bad girl!

    when you say you're looking for a 'girls' bike you need to be specific about what sort of riding you want to do, how tall you are, and what type of bike you want.

    I know a 65 yr old woman who rides a litre aprillia.
    I ride a Hornet 600
    I know women who ride harleys
    I know women who ride Honda CBR1000RR's

    There is no such thing as a 'girls' bike

    Get whatever you bloody well want!
  18. Petrie, you have to decide whether you want to stick with cruisers or go to more sporty styles and you also have to determine your budget.

    5'7" isn't that tall either, so seat width will be critical.

    By the way, there is something wrong with your Virago (boy that's an open statement!!!). It should NOT be vibrating like you say at 90km/h. Get it checked out.

    Oh and welcome to brand slanging... all bikes are gay compared to Kwaka's. :twisted:
  19. there is so, Yamaha R1s.
    oh, and the others i mentioned.
  20. Right. Listen to me.

    Go buy a Honda CBR600F. A recent one will be better but they are all sensational.

    Don't argue, don't question. You will thank me. PM for the address to send the Thank You Beer.