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Whats a good 250 to start with?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by alexj, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Hi, i'm new to the bike scene and was wondering wat 250 is good to start with, i have $6,000AUD to spend, im mainly interested in sports bikes...

  2. CBR or ZX2 if you want sports, something a bit more relaxing the Across or ZZR
    The $6000 is that bike and gear together or just for bike? if just for bike how much you allowing for gear?
    Bike clothing is just as important as the right bike and in some cases just as expensive :)
  3. My first bike was a CBR250R i was pretty happy with it, had a bit of go for a 250 and was good in the corners. only problem was i did $1000 worth of fairing damage when i chucked it down the road...

    In hind sight i'd have bought something naked like a Bandit, they may not look as sporty as the CBR but they have just as much go and a much cheaper to repair if you do stack them because fairings aint cheap
  4. Welcome alexj, Where are you located?

    I'm still on L's and have found the Honda VTR250 to be a fantastic bike.

    Thought about the CB250 - too boring.
    Suzuki Across - that was a serious consideration.
    Sat on just about every 250 I could find, but nothing was more comfortable in the seat and arm positioning than the VTR.

    My best advice to you is find a 250 specialist dealer and sit on everything!

    You can pick up excellent VTR's for under $5K. Be sure to get your gear first, then with what's leftover, get the bike.

    Check out the bikes for sale section here on Netrider. Might be something there.

    Also, check the Bike Reviews section. Always good info on all types of bikes.

    Honda website

    Honda - The Power of Dreams - and fast bikes! 8)
  5. If you are after a bike that can be ridden like a sports bike but has better take off and a great look then I can definately back Knightriders call on the VTR250. It has everything going for it and is a great forgiving bike for learners but will keep you interested for a long time. I ride a VTR1000 Firestorm but still get a buzz from the 250 version. You can push them hard and they respond really well. Get your backside onto as many 250s as possible and see what is comfy. Good luck with the shopping.

  6. Heya,

    Doesn't matter what you get.. But make sure you don't spend all of your money on the bike and none on proper riding clothes... Gloves, boots, jacket, pants, back protector etc..
    Have fun,

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. CB 250 too boring hey! talk to me when you've ridden 3000 km's in 6 days as I did on Bond on a round trip to Sydney last October! Too boring my a**e Bond found me too boring! He never missed a beat & I got 300k's to a tank easily plus about 40k's on reserve!
  8. I'd agreewith Knightrider, the CB250 is too boring. I had one for my first 6 months or so on a bike and was very happy to be on her, but much happier to get off on to something faster when I chnaged over to my Zeal :D

    I was a very timid rider when I started and needed a quiet bike like the CB to build my confidence on :) But if you are ready for something faster straight up, a naked bike is good - try the Bandit, the VTR, the Balius or a Zeal. They are all quick, light and great fun naked bikes. Personally I loved my Zeal and would happily have one again as a commuter bike.

    The Fairinged bikes - CBR is the best of them, very fast. The ZZR is solid, takes a while to speed up but can go pretty well once it's moving. The Across is lots of fun, sort of in between the two.

    Sit on all of them and find the one that fits you best - Have Fun!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. It all depends on what you looking for and the practicalities.
    I bought a CB250 boring yes but a fairly forgiving 250 but I'll go through some of the issues I had with some of the bikes.
    FZR250 fully faired, expensive to insure and found that even an '89/'90 with 30Kkm still attracted $4000 price tag
    CBR250R(R) and ZZR250, I'm 185cm and 85Kg and found that the race posi of these bikes to be very uncomfortable even for short rides. Very suitable for a smaller/lighter bloke and many female riders. Look the goods too. Again keep insurance in mind for a fully faired bike.
    VTR250 had a lot of fun riding these. But when I was first on a bike found that the low rev torque of the V-twin to be quite difficult to manage, especially seeing they have quite a finicky throttle. Nice naked bike and do hold value very well. Not uncommon to find one two to three years old and still attracting a price tag only $1000 below new. Fairly cheap to ensure. Quite good for taller riders, quite high seating position
    CB250 boring but ever reliable Honda. Parallel twin, not so low down torquey as VTR250. Due to being a reliable workhorse design has not changed much in 25 years. Very forgiving of the learner rider. Quite a robust gearbox and will forgive heavy throttle hand.
    Thats just a few of the models but again there are many around and it's all about finding the bike that suits you.
    Don't forget insurance, can be a killer. Don't necessary look for new. Don't forget riding gear, full coverage I think is the way to go, that is helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots. Shop around for these as price can vary considerably and a lot of money can be saved. Some dealers have specials (I recently paid $250 for a brand new HJC helmet). Also talk turkey with the dealers, ask if they'll give you a special deal if you buy the bike and the gear from them and if they'll give you a deal if you pay cash.
    I bought a '96 CB250 with 18Kkm on the clock, helmet, boots, jacket, pants (already had gloves) paid cash, got rego, stamp duty and delivery free.
  10. Thanks all for your help, very much appreciated. I will go sitttin next week, see what feel right. Thanks
  11. As everybody else pointed out, sit on as much 250 as possible. One thing I'd like to point out is that whether you want to upgrade your machine or not. I've known smallish people have been "thrown" by the weight difference (about 20-30kgs)from a CBR/FZR to a larger machine (eg 600s which are about 160-170 kg). Found the Across to be the heaviest of sports bikes (163kgs), while having a fairly upright position. Didn't notice any difference when I upgraded and helped with the transition. :)
  12. As previously suggested when i got my l plates nearly 2 years back i sat on as may 250's as posible to find on that i liked best. I have ended up with a Kawasaki GPX250 and love it. It has the look and feel of a sports bike with the more upright seating position, it goes well, has good pickup when needed and is great as a learner/restrictions bike.

    I am hoping to be able to keep my baby when i upgrade after i get off my restrictions next saturday, but my other suggestions would be the ZZR250 or the CBR250 for sportsbikes. Or, if you could find one in decent condition a Yamaha TZR250, brilliant bike with a lot more power than most 4 strokes (not the large ones)
  13. I've been on an Across for the last 14 months. No complaints from me. I'll be selling it shortly as I'll be upgrading soon. Sit on heaps, ride some if you can, don't go spending a packet on the first bike, save your $'s for some decent riding gear and the upgrade when you are off your restrictions.

  14. No one said it was a bad bike Sue. Yes it will go all day, yes it gets great mileage, but it's boring. Good bike still...

  15. No matter what you get you'll love it, as demonstrated by everyone's opinions.

    You need to consider how you think you'll ride over the duration of your L's, and P's.

    I personally was going to look for a CB 250 as I wasn't in it for the speed or acceleration or anything like that. However, I spotted an FZR 250 on the roadside and fell in love. (Yes I know it's unnatural, but around here it's the most natural thing in the world. It's a love/hate thing).

    The high powered, 4 stroke 4 cylinders are Yam's FZR250, Kwak's ZXR250, Suzuki's GSX250 and Honda's CBR250. The difference between these bikes is tuning. My opinion on all this obviously.

    At first I had problems with a bike that wants to go quick/rev high. But after 15 months I'm so glad I got the FZR and have had so much fun on it. It's a grey import etc. so that has ramifications, but I think an important factor when choosing a bike is how you'll ride it. If I had a CB 250 I'd long ago have... I don't know... taken drastic measures.

    Good luck with the bike hunt.
  16. Just make sure that whatever you buy is something you will actually enjoy owning and riding, don't just go for whatever is the most sensible choice. Lets face it if everyone chose their form of transport based solely on logic we'd probably all be driving around in identical 4 cylinder korean cars (cheap, fuel efficient, relatively safe but boring as hell).
  17. mate, kawasaki are bringing out there 2005 model gpx250 and are taking 1500 of the new price, they are going for like 5700 or something very nice looking bike if you wanna look at one go to www.teammoto.com.au click on new bikes, then kawasaki then look for GPX and it will display a picture
  18. I commuted on a GPX250 for 3 years (29,000kms) most of the travelling on the M1 in Brisbane. The bike cruises well btn 110-120km/h and still has some useful acceleration. I found it to be an excellent bike for reliability and economy (420km btn fill ups). Full comprehensive Insurance was $340 per year (over 30 yrs, rating 1).
    If buying a CBR, beware of the grey imports. A lot of them I came across when test riding were 8-10yr models that had been stripped down and re-painted in the fancy racing colours. I considered the benefit of an Australian model with full backup by Kawasaki more important than any small gain in performance.
  19. I was in your situation about a month ago, finding a bike to fit my height was my main goal...of course it had to be reliable, fun and look the goods too :D

    A mate of mine did his L's on a CBR-250RR and loved it...so when time came to buy a bike thats what I looked at first...but after sitiing one for a while the bike was a bit too cramped...had a look at the ZZR/GPX...nice bikes but not quite what I was looking for...looked at a VTR-250 which i liked the best, and I was pretty sure I would be going home with one until I saw a Honda Hornet 600 at a bike shop.

    The sales guy told me that the Hornet was available as a 250 but they were a grey import(not a big deal to me) so were a bit thin on the ground but they are the 600 frame with a CBR-250R motor in them. i did some research on the net and scoured the trading post until I found one...test rode it, got it checked out by a bike savvy mate...negotiated a price and picked her up a few days later.

    So far she has been a joy...had to pull the front brake switch apart and clean up some dirty contacts but other than that the bike is fantastic...quick enough for a learner, great fun to ride, no fairings to damage should I throw it down the road and dirt cheap insurance.

    Your priorities may be diffrent than mine but if your lanky like me it may be up your alley :D

    Here's a pic...

    http://members.ozemail.com.au/~keithangell/Bike Pics/Picture-055.gif
  20. Hey thanks for all your help hep, its definatley helped me in deciding what i want, thanks so much, u's are very helpful! i'll let you's know what i end up gettin.. cheers