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whats a good 250 for the fat and tall??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. whats a good 250 for the fat and tall??

    Any fat or tall riders out there that found their 250 comfortable?

    What bike was it?
  2. Given 250s were designed mainly for the Japanese market I'd say none.
    But best options would probably be the larger 4-cylinder nakeds like the Hornet, Bandit and Zeal.
  3. Dirt bike mate! I'm 120kg and I love the VTR250, as well.
  4. 125 kegs 6'5 and am pretty comfortable on a zzr250
  5. Best 250 are the models with the bonus 750cc.
  6. I'm 6ft and found a vtr250 alot more roomy than my zzr250 due to it being more upright.
  7. Hyosung.

    You might not fit, but you'll never get to ride it so it doesn't matter :grin: .
  8. How's the 650 turbo going?

    I had the non-turbo of that bike, the GS650g kat was lairy enough as it was, the turbo must go sick.

    In answer to your question, For the budget concious, the early 80's CB250n was a sleaved down 400. Tall and weighing in at over 200kg. In the words of a friend "This is the most comfortable machine I've ever ridden, car or bike, it's better than mum's new Mazda 6".
  9. Why a 250 if you're in NSW? Get something bigger like a GS500, KLR, or any of a bunch of others on your LAMS list.
  10. For the size of the frame, a hyosung GT250R..

    Okay, people will tell you its not a good bike. Sluggish for a 250. Hyosung "reliability".

    But its one of the few 250's that have a big frame. Infact, i think its the same frame as its bigger brother, the GT650R.

    If its your size and length that is a problem, that is you don't want to look silly on a small bike but still drive a 250, you may want to consider this
  11. you are in nsw. go the ct650 or the gs500
  12. As others have said, check out LAMS. If you must have a 250 you cant go wrong with a VTR.
  13. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Dude! Can I use this in my sig?
  14. It's not a good bike. It's sluggish for a 250. Hyosung is reliable - I guarantee you it'll break down reliably.:LOL:

    It's not the same frame.

    Yep. It's a big bike, but with big problems. Steer clear at all costs.
  15. +1 on going for a GS500, unless you are really stuck on having a 250. I don't recommend a GPX. Tried that, not a bad bike but feels a bit like a toy when you are 6'2"