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What's a gal to do?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. So being the impulsive, impetuous type that I am and unfortunately have not improved with lots of age- I booked my P's for the 23/11 after only riding since 6/8/2014. My dilemma- do I risk failing gracefully (ha!) on my mean green machine that I cannot get to do tight right u-turns on for love or money or do I do as has been suggested, and hire a 125 and go for it. Am I playing smoke and mirrors by doing that- is it like cheating in an sort of??
    First world problem I know but I seriously am losing sleep over this- I almost was ready to hang up the gloves after my pee poor performance at Homebush lastSaturday- but you know little Wasabi looked very forlorn and I do get peverse pleasure from throwing my leg over (don't go there).
    I really want to get over myself but I do have a lot at stake here having had huge huge barneys over getting Ls buying a bike with mine/our retirement funds, being too old, too fat, what am I thinking if at all etc. etc.
    What's a gal to do?? I have to prove the naysayers wrong.
    Suggestions (other than for me to get over myself) welcome as always:cry:

  2. Whatever it takes. But if you're not getting anywhere near the u turn maybe there's a basic technique problem. If it was me (thankfully I've just got past this step) I would be asking someone who knows what they're doing to watch my turns and help sort the problem. The other thing is to be accepting of the fact that it will probably not be an instant fix - just work on getting the turns a bit tighter incrementally until eventually they fit in the box.
  3. I agree about technique, and that will come with instruction and time, but for the sake of passing the test, I'd get a more upright sort of bike for it. And see if you can get some practice on IT before the test, of course....
  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. Oh, and practice.

    I am assuming you got some pointers at the Homebush session, so I would suggest get out as much as you can into car parks or very quiet roads, and take your time. Tight u turns take some practice, so start with wider turns, and slowly tighten them. But do it in a slow progression, as going too hard too fast will see you drop it, and that won't help your confidence.

  5. I was always about 10 or so centimetres out from doing the u-turn on my ninja 300. I hired the honda and aced the u-turn. Way I figured, if I fail on the 300 then I would just have to do it again so it's cheaper to hire the bike.
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  6. Will keep on practising until I can turn Wasabi around like circus monkey on a trike but I decided I am going to do the MOST on the CBR125...sorry to let the side down....My bad:(
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  7. Don't sweat it. You're not the first person to make life easier on themselves by borrowing or hiring a bike for MOST. My best motorcycling mate did it (daily rider was a ZXR250) and he went on to become a far more competent rider than me. As useful as it is, doing a u-turn on a sportsbike isn't the most crucial skill to learn.

    If possible, get as familiar with the loaner as you can. There's no point breezing through the manouevring tests if you get failed for repeatedly stalling the motor.
  8. Thank you !:) annoying thing is I love my bike (probably in an unhealthy fashion) and can do u-turns on her just not 6.1 metre ones all the time- my cornering is getting there and I am countersteering quite well most of the time - hard stops have never been an issue. Time will tell.
  9. I was tempted to borrow the daughter's boyfriend's silly little 125 motard thingy for my second go at the MOST, but was brave (or stupid). Luckily I got through anyway.
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  10. I got through on my ZZR250, but those little CB125's.. they can do figure 8's in the ZZR/ninja turning circle :D
  11. Thats what I'm praying for- cirque de soleil on a honda cbr- they'll be talking about it for weeks...and in a good way:whistle:
  12. borrow a postie?
  13. I just passed my Ps test after only a few months riding, so have no doubt you'll do great - you wouldn't have booked in unless you were confident... (my theory)
    As for hire or using your own, of the group on test day only one of the 6 hired a bike for the same reason you are thinking of... he ended up using his own (ninja) as he was more comfortable on his own during the road ride and all the other elements of the MOST at the end of the day. and while he went over the lines in the u-turn during testing, something he decided he wasn't going to stress about, he still ended up passing...

    good luck on the 23rd :)
  14. Thanks for the encouragement @MSatts@MSatts ! I know I can pass if I stopping analysing the MOST and just relax...I went and practiced slow riding for 45mins cone weaves and u-turn plus figure 8s. Will do same tomorrow. I know I have 8 points to play with but ever the perfectionist :bored:
  15. I am/ and felt exactly the same... all that practice makes it so much easier to get it right on the day when the nerves are kicking in... just remember to take a deep breath - it definitely helps
  16. As others have said. Practice, practice and more practice.

    But I'd still go with hiring or borrowing a more upright bike. Dirt bikes are ideal for doing the test.
  17. How did you go Oldmaid ?:)
  18. I got em by the hair of my chinny chin chin! :troll:
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  19. YAYYYY Congrats !!!![emoji322] [emoji322] [emoji322] [emoji322]
  20. Cheers dear I was soo excited I had a cackle, a blubber and did a little dance!
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