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What's a decent speed on group rides?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DaveS, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Just had a bit of a difficult ride, the group were in the mood for speed and shot off at around 160+ through country roads up through the Upper Hunter - they later denied it but I backed off when I realised I was doing 140+ and still not able to keep them in sight.
    My question is does everyone speed to this extent if they think they can get away with it or do some people enjoy a more relaxed ride when out in a group?

    I'm definately in the more relaxed camp, I love a fast precise ride through the corners then a more cruisey ride but I've been made to feel that I'm the odd one out with this attitude.

    I used to work in Emergency and dealt with some fairly horrific bike accidents so I've always got this in mind when I see people flying round the roads at weekends...

    What do you all reckon??
    Cheers, Dave :?
  2. Ride at your own pace, if your ride companions can't deal with that, ride with somebody else.
  3. The ideal speed is whatever you feel comfortable doing. If these guys are too fast, ride with someone else.
  4. let them go ahead and if they dont wait at the turn offs find different people to ride with. there's plenty of people who want to take it easy.
    The honda rides are great and usually break up into groups of equal speeds.

    or do what i do ride solo :wink:
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  6. It's the road out there, not a racetrack. Do a ride day instead.
  7. Twist the throttle till it hits the stop -then give it another 1/4 of a turn :wink: :wink:
  8. Thats what they are! :oops:

    Very interesting thread DaveS, I agree..
  9. By rideday, I meant a track day.
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  11. I ride with some fast guys and girls and I just ride at my own pace .
    Its a good thing to ride with fast riders that are about 5 minutes in front ,it gives the coppers time to catch them and start booking them when you come over the hill and they have put the radar gun down and can't tell what speed you were doing.
    True :LOL: ,its saved me a few times.
  12. +1 to that

    why am i not shocked to see this response from you...crazy bastard :wink:
  13. +1 There is safety in numbers!

    Its good if someone in the pack is about the same pace as you though. It makes it more fun and should anything happen, they'll know where to start looking!
  14. +1 to Loz.

    i've been on a lot of group rides, they often have several styles/types of riders in them.
    from learners to experienced riders, show offs to people that just want to cruise.

    i ALWAYS ride at whatever speed I feel comfortable. sometimes i'm happy to be the TEC & look after some learners. Sometimes I want a more spirited ride. sometimes I sit in the middle.

    do whatever you're happy with. if others are saying stuff like 'god you're slow' then you probably don't want to ride with them.
  15. What they all said.
    I reckon Loz sums it up pretty succinctly. If I ride with Loz and Andy Mr NoShowallGo, they can both whup my ass :bolt: and I find myself riding bit faster than I like just to even try and keep up, so I just backer on down few notches and they just got to wait =;
    But thats ok, coz they both talk :blah: lots of bollox and gives them time to do such :LOL:
    Weekend was good change coz I was leading, Loz's rear tyre was half bald :shock: and was wet, so I was in with half a chance :dance:
  16. My recent group ride confirms the ride to your own pace motto.

    One corner, came in too hot and shot through the top of the corner. Thankfully, I kept it upright and the only damage I had was a dent in the belly pan and a huge wake up call to me to slow down.

    The rest of the day was great and the ride leaders are great people, who waited for the pack to catch up.
  17. Maybe the riders just like meeting up with you cos you're a nice bloke and good to have around, but are also comfortable enough within the group dynamic to not feel embarrassed about riding at their own speed.

    The more the merrier on group rides, but don't read too much into the speed at which people travel. If I rode slightly briskly, but thought that someone was riding outside of their comfort zone to keep up, I would give it away tomorrow.

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in dropping back if the pace becomes too hot for me, but will often ask a rider with more ability to slow down a bit so that I can follow his lines and learn. I've done this recently, and am a better rider for it.

    Love ya Big Dave :)
  18. +1
    Works for me !
    I even bought my wife & kids new bicycles so I've got someone to ride with.
  19. useless gutless 250 4 strokes....
    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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