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whatever slows u down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by browny, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Riding home this arvo, and I pulled up at a set of lights next to one of those Bike Couriers on a late 80's early 90's suzuki 750 super sports something.
    On his dash was a typed message


    something to remind himself when he is movin and glances at his speedo??

    Obviously it works!!

    Good idea, had too laugh :LOL:
  2. Haha. I can adjust my speedo, so next time I calibrate I'm going to make it over read so I don't speed too much :D

    Kind of like how I set my bedside clock forwards, so I'm not too late :) Totally works in the morning as you're too tired to remember until you're in the shower!
  3. lol that's a good one :LOL: The only dymo label I've seen was on the back of a riders helmet along the lines of shut up, don't move and hang on!
  4. I have found this sort of thing works for a while and then becomes part of the scenery and loses it's effectiveness. Probably why it is of use for a short period like the double demerits. I tried this when I was learning to fly and it worked for about a week. Then I forgot it was there - even left it in the aircraft. I remember vividly the heart attack I had when the Chief Flying Instructor got up at morning brief in front of the whole squadron and said "Whoever used this in the aircraft, come and see me after the brief", to the snigger of the instructors.
  5. :LOL: Great idea!
  6. Then what happened??
  7. Yeah I use to have "dont speed F@ckhead" on my dash when I had my turbo civic..

    ah the good ol days :roll: :LOL:
  8. [​IMG]

    ...on my VTR...
  9. i have duff.. you should send one of them to jamie (miss_dj)!!!!
  10. Just on my lunch break at work, went for a walk and looked at the parked bikes around Uni. Checking out an old postie (how I miss mine) and noticed something strange on the speedo: the owner had written "fuel" on it. I thought, "There's no fuel gauge there!" Then I realised - some people tend to forget about certain essential things! Maybe it's a postie-rider disorder!! My partner hated her postie because it would run out of petrol all the time, which she referred to as "breaking down"! :roll: :)
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: what's her address? :p glad to help fellow NR members keep their license (with a trusty dymo label machine :p )
  12. I have a VTR250 and also have one point left.

    We should start a club. The club of losers who cant speed anywhere anymore anyhow because they're deathly afraid of some sneaky, spiteful, glorified tax collecting cockhead, I mean Police Officer, taking thier only joy and passion away, and condemning them to a life of public transport with the rest of the proletarians.


    Only 9 more months until I get some back though. :(
  13. I check my mirrors more often than my speedo, unless I'm riding past a police car/camera at that exact moment.
  14. What does this "lose a point" mean??


  15. The CFI was pretty clued-in - he realised I was shitting bricks and would do whatever he said so he didn't end up bollocking me. He said "I can see why you used this....but this is FOD. Never again." FOD being anything loose that can damage an aircraft engine or get stuck in flight controls etc. Needless to say, I obeyed.
  16. :rofl: nice one Duff
  17. Watching everybody play 'catch-up'?? I know how it feels! :grin: