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Featured Whatever happened to the 'Sports Tourer'?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tommo617, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. I've been looking around for a new bike to replace my SV650s, and I've noticed something strange...the Sports Tourer seems to have disappeared as a category...and instead replaced by a bunch of 'super chookies' (aka Adventure Tourers) such as the MT-09 Tracer and Super Tenere, Triumph Tiger 800, Kawasaki Versys, Suzuki V-Strom (when they had a perfectly good SV1000) Aprilia Capornard, Ducati Multistrada...even MV Agusta has a super chookie coming out! Has anyone else noticed this?

    The only two middleweight (700-900cc) 'Sports Tourers' that I can think of are the BMW F800GT and the Honda VFR800F (and even that has a super chookie version!)

    I can remember when Ducati had the ST range, Suzuki had the SV 1000, Triumph the Sprint RS etc. Maybe motorcycles have gone the same way as the car market - I see the Adventure Tourer as the SUV of motorcycles, and unfortunately many are destined to see as much off road as SUVs do...
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  2. The Triumph Sprint is still around as well and there is the Ninja 1000.

    Sport Tourers never really seem to have taken off in Australia - they sound good but I think you either liked the compromise or you hated it (VFR seems to attract either love or hate in particular). I was thinking either sport tourer or naked because the position was that little bit more comfortable then I tried an AT - the new DL1000. I was sold on the position straight away.

    Tagging them as a SUV is a little harsh - most SUV aren't capable of much more than a sedan, ATs are a lot more versatile. Tiger 800, Versys and V Strom are road (including gravel road) machines not single track but I have had mine off road. I just wouldn't push it too far because I don't want to pick it up. If you are seriously chasing a real sport tourer then I'd suggest looking at the Tiger 800, Tiger 1050 and Versys 1000 as well. The handling, comfort and ability to cover miles are all there. Probably not as good for track days as a VFR or Ninja 1000 though.
  3. Apologies if I offended anyone - many people do take their DLs and Tiger 800s (and even BMW GS) off road. But just as many don't, and have purchased it for the comfort is provides (more relaxed position) or - for probably a minority - the look of the bike. I don't feel comfortable with the upright position - because of my previous bikes. I would probably eventually get used to it, but the VFR position feels more natural for me. The Sprint RS was a half faired sports tourer that was discontinued a few years back before the current Sprint range was released..
  4. yeah, errr.... hyper sport tourer maybe? :)
  5. Having ridden a few K's with you at decent speeds and also through about 600 very tight bind hairpins, all of them 100's of KMs from your home City, I reckon the sports tourer is alive and well in Aus (at least the Kawa version is).
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  6. well, It felt like decent speeds until a K1300R effortlessly breezed past, but you very kind to say so ;-)
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  7. In the capacity range stated, perhaps yes, their is a limited range to choose from. Sports tourers have essentially just grown in engine capacity.
    We used to have the ZZR1100, CBR1100XX, K1200s/GT, they have evolved into bigger machines like Hayabusa, 1400GTR/ZX14, K1300s, FJR1300, VFR1200F, Bandit, GSX1400 etc
  8. Ninja 1000 is on top of the list
  9. List of current sport tourers (from Bike Sales): -

    • Benelli TNT1130
    • BMW F800GT
    • BMW K1300S
    • BMW R1200RS
    • Kawasaki Ninja 1000
    • Kawasaki Ninja 650
    • Kawasaki 1400GTR
    • Triumph Sprint
    • Honda VFR800F
    • Honda VFR1200F
    • Suzuki GSF1250SA
    • Suzuki GSX1250FA
    • Suzuki GSX650F
    • Yamaha FJR1300
    • Yamaha FZ1S
    • Yamaha FZ8S

    Things that should be on the list
    • Honda CBR650F
    • MV Augusta Veloce
    I'm not sure if the shaft drives (K1300, 1400GTR, FJR1300) should be there but their makers think they are sports tourers. I thought I wanted a ST and was close to either the VFR800 or Ninja 1000. I couldn't find a F800GT at the time because I would have liked to test it as well. I convinced myself that the Ninja was more than I needed at the time mostly because after test riding the DL1000, Tiger 800 and F800GS I found that they were very good real world bikes (and I am a long way from a track).

    There isn't a bad bike on that list (well maybe the FZ8S has seen better days) - I'd be pretty happy with any of them.

    I'll probably go through the Sport/Adventure Tourer debate again in a couple of years - I prefer the look of the Sport Tourers tbh. By then I'll have a new dirt bike/light adv tourer in the shed set up and possibly a VFR750/early 800.
  10. This is my baby in the pics. Hubby's first main bike after he learned on his CB250??? Too far down the track to remember. He wanted to upgrade so 'sold' (yes SOLD) it to me. Lol. I now own it, finally. Absolutely love it. Suits me too a tee, although I still find its slight weight a little on the heavy side. That aside, it's great. He went and bought a Honda Blackbird 1100XX. Got it brand new back in '08? - the last one left in its colour in Adelaide. Gorgeous grey. It's a great 'sports / tourer' in our minds. Highly recommended and great as a 2 up if required. Good seated position for the rider, nice for long runs or short spurts, good fuel economy and easy on the wrist. :)
  11. Bike instructor and ex-racer who did Suzie's Q-Ride swears by the Ninja 1000.
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  12. I think if I were in the market for a sports tourer, I'd go a ninja 1000 for sure.

    The only thing with the ninja.......the 3 colours you get to choose from, of which 2 are bright green and the other is black.

    If someone could take my ninja 300, give it 100hp with usable torque and a weight under 200kgs, I'd be all over it.

    Or....take the CBR650f and give it 100 horses and it would have sold much better.
  13. The 2016 Ninja 1000 is available in Red and Black which is much nicer than the boring all black or the truly barf inducing green and black. Having said that the Blue that was available in some locations in 2014 is nicer again. The tank and the rest of the fairing should be red like the 2014 blue version is blue in those locations.

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  14. Yep the blue is nice. I really don't know why they offer it in such few colours.
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  15. Or for that matter if they really have to restrict it to 2 colour options why they chose the worst 2.
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  16. Being in the market for sport tourer styled bike, I don't find any of them sporty enough for me. A perfect 'super' sport tourer in my eyes would be the current ZX6R (Being the only supersport with TC and ABS) with bar raisers, hard luggage (Can't find this for an SS and is a must for me) and a fuel gauge. A couple of gadgets (gear indicator, slipper clutch..etc) wouldn't go astray either. I would be all over such a bike faster than the dealership could approve my credit card. VFR800 looks almost perfect except for the weight and power.

    All current sport tourers are way to heavy or underpowered or have an oversized engine or lack of equipment or some combination of the above. The Adventure/sport category does nothing for me.

    Maybe I'm just too hard to please...
  17. As above the Ninja 1000 ticks nearly all your boxes except maybe weight but if your gonna load your bike with luggage you want it beefed up in the tail area. http://www.kawasaki.com.au/motorcycles/sport/2016-ninja-1000-abs
    I'm seriously considering getting one for myself soon.
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  18. While I'm not a fan of the looks of the Ninja after seeing it in person it is a good package. I still prefer the VFR800 on account of the more forward seating position, OEM quickshifter, cheaper rego, center stand and gear indicator.